In search of booties
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My beloved black leather ankle boots have fallen apart past the point of repair, and they're no longer available online. Can you help me find a replacement?

Here's the pair that fell apart. I like the following things about them:
-Black leather/synthetic type material
-Cut below the ankle
-Really blocky block heel. I'm really not a fan of smaller heels or heels that taper in. I also love the Jeffrey Campbell Hanger Bootie, for example, but don't love the higher ankle cut.
-Heel height was perfect. I would be down for a higher heel but probably not much lower.
-They looked good with jeans but were professional enough to wear to work.

Any leads on another pair like this? My budget is $150.
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Born Antonia is close. There are a few more there that might work also.
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Check out the brand Vagabond!
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I am a fan of going for all-leather very high-end gently used on eBay (etc) -- more life, easier to repair -- but if new is key, Reddit's /r/femalefashionadvice loves the Sam Edelman Petty. Looking at it now I suspect the heel will be too short for you -- but at least it's something that will regurgitate a lot of similar styles, many with more heel to them, when searched for.
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I just bought a pair of Madewell's Billie boots, and was going to send you toward those, but stumbled upon the Lonnie boot along the way, which you might like even more. The cuts are a little higher on the ankle, but the heel looks right.
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These Marc Fisher Ltd are so low they're almost pumps, but maybe?

These Sam Edelmans, conversely, are maybe too high.
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First check out Camper (they're available a couple of places). The Hanna(Hannah?) looks right, and comes in a low and high version... the Camper website has it in low/gray and high/black. I found some other styles on Yoox such as this.

Yoox is such a trash website, and nearly impossible to search (it does not know the term block heel), but it's probably the best place to scroll through literally thousands of pairs of black booties. It'll be much easier if you can filter by size since a lot of their stuff is available in limited sizing. Here are some that I found:

Jeffrey Campbell (but please zoom in on the pic before you buy-- weird material?)
Every Nice Girl
Tommy Hilfiger
After a while I got bored (did not check anything between $70 to $100 for example) so yeah, try it with the size filtered.
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Fergie Magic Chelsea bootie (this is the closest I could find)
Barrett Chelsea boot
Cole Haan Whitlyn bootie (a lil high)
Rollins Bootie (heel is a little tapered)
UO Maude ankle boot
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