Is the 90's video like CPG Grays "The Trouble with Transporters" online?
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I remember seeing something on TV in the 90's like CPG Gray's "The Trouble with Transporters". Does anyone know where to find it?

There was a short video segment in the 1990's similar to CPG Gray's "The Trouble with Transporters".

I remember it as:

- Being animated in a simple, line drawing style. Mainly black lines on a white background.

- Being a little more focused on how the transporters could work. As in, does it make copies, or does it actually move you...

- It might have been on PBS.

- I think it was a segment of another show, but it might have been its own stand alone short.

I'd love to see it again and hope the hive mind can unearth it.
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Is this it?
posted by justkevin at 11:06 AM on March 14, 2017

@justkevin - Bingo: `John Weldon's "To Be"` is it, exaclty. Thanks!
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I also fondly remember this short being featured on Cartoon Network's "O Canada" series in the late nineties.
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