get me out of my mom jeans please god thank you
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I found a pair of Banana Republic pants at Goodwill recently that just fit all my criteria for perfect pants these days: black, slimming, some stretch but not too much, tapered, well-fitted... where do I find more, possibly in another brand that isn't so pricey?

I love them. They look good and feel good. Could be worn to an interview or to a professional thing, easily, but something I also could easily wear every day ... I hung out in them with my toddler all afternoon, and I haven't felt at ease in a pair of pants in a minute. Way more comfy than my jeans, and look sharper/classier. And I don't feel like I am just hanging out in leggings.

They just fit me right, too. ( I am not a small/tiny woman either- I am curvy and wear between 12-14 and have a big ol' booty.)

However, I can already see they have some wear in them, and won't last forever. AHH. What do I get to replace them?

Are there other pants like this out there? I can't find a tag that says what specific style they are in Banana Republic - but I think it's similar to these pants. (Though, again, I am much thicker than that lady-model, so I am open to something plus-size, too, or just whatever is out there in this style- just love the classy/casual look, fitted, but with some stretch!

Would love to find something similar for less than that $88, too, especially since if I actually wear them a lot chasing down an almost 2 year old they are bound to go to crap.
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You could look on ThredUp or another online consignment shop with name brands.
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Check eBay, or BR sales and coupons. And consider investing in a new pair if you have to. If these are really the One True Pant I would not settle for anything less.
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I have a pair of pants like these (Macy's Charter Club Cambridge) that I think fit your criteria.
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Banana is ALWAYS having sales. You'e paying too much if you're not getting at least 30% off. Through the end of today you can get 50% off. If those are *the* pants, I'd stick with them. You might be able to figure out which style they are by typing some of the random numbers from the tag into their website.
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Yup, never pay full price at BR - my experience is that they nearly always have some sort of 40% off sale going on, and 50%+ is the "real" sale price. My current theory is that they jack their sticker price way up in order to take advantage of the "oh shit I've got a job interview in 2 days and I'm in a strange city and have nothing to wear" demographic in between sales.
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Are you me? I have this exact problem so often. I always find the most perfect Banana Republic pants at Goodwill, and when I look up the SKU (or call BR to ask about it), they're never being made anymore. I've worn a couple pairs to threads, and outgrown one pair, and have bought replacements on eBay pretty easily by setting alerts. But setting alerts is key.
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The price is not better, but I am like you to a T and I looove Madewell jeans, they have a high rise jean that fits like a dream.
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Try the pixie pants from Old Navy. Those are so popular that Gap is now making a slightly better made version of them.

Eddie Bauer has very similar slim fit ponte pants that I LOVE. They are so comfortable but also somewhat expensive.
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Yeah, I came in to suggest the Pixie Pants from Old Navy too. It can be hard to find them in full length (can the short-pants thing please stop now, by the way? my ankles are getting cold), but they're really great and so so cheap.

Old Navy, the Gap, and Banana Republic are the same company, by the way, and if you like things from one store you can usually find a similar thing in the others -- if you're looking for cheaper, go down to Old Navy, and if you want higher quality, up to BR, but the basic aesthetic is going to be the same.
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Sloan fit pants are one of BR's biggest sellers. Aside from waiting for the flash sales, check ebay for your size.
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I just ordered the same pants you linked to at 50% off. Not sure if the sale is still going (coupon: BRFAMILY) but worth a try. But yeah, BR regularly has significant sales.
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Do you have a BR Factory Outlet near you? They are constantly running extra 40/50% off deals and I have picked up those exact pants for about $15 each before.
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You should take note of the material make up and percentage, because that will go a long way in getting you to something similar in feel. For instance, I have a pair of BR jeans that i loooove and they are 98% cotton, 2% elastane. None of their current jeans have that high of a cotton content, so they all feel too stretchy and not right. I think if you google around for your perfect mix of material, you can then zero in on some similar styles.
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Can you look closely at the label? BR/Gap/ON usually have a code on them that indicates not just the style number, but sometimes even the month and year they were released. That will give you an idea of what pant it is precisely.
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Thanks ya'll for the great suggestions :)
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