What is the best fudge I can order online?
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My friend recently finished his novel, and I would like to send him some celebratory fudge. Because novels are terrible to finish, I would like it to be exceptionally good fudge. What is the best fudge I can order and ship to him online?
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My favorite fudge comes from Shriver's in Ocean City, New Jersey and they ship anywhere in the US.
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Jinx, NoraCharles! I was coming in to recommend Shriver's as well.
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Oops, meant to include a direct link to the fudge section of the Shriver's webpage.
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I love Old Danish Fudge Kitchen in Solvang, CA. They ship nationwide.
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This was surprisingly good. And the packaging was very amusing!
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When I lived in Latham, New York (about fifteen minutes outside of Albany); I would regularly drive to Bennington, Vermont for the sole purpose of buying multiple pounds of decadent handmade fudge at Vermont Confectionary, located within The Shops of Camelot Village. While the link isn't a marvel of modern web design, it contains enough information to give the gist of their offerings, and a phone number for ordering. I like to think they're too busy masterfully crafting slabs of heavenly fudge, to give a whit about aesthetics. I mean sure, I could have had it all shipped every so often, but fudge that exquisite was worth every bit of the time and gas expended travelling to pick some up instead. That Vermont is a very beautiful state didn't hurt, either!

Shriver's fudge may well be comparable, however I am only familiar with their salt water taffy. Depending on how much you care to send to your novelist friend, perhaps one pound from both shops wouldn't be outré, especially when requested as 'sampler packs' to include different flavors of the fudge within said pounds' worth. Truthfully, I would do similarly, when I couldn't decide between equally compelling flavors. Moderation is a premise I simply refuse to accept, when it comes to fudge! :D
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Growing up in southern NH, my family would get Van Otis Milk Swiss Fudge on special holidays. It's like a cross between a truffle and American fudge, very smooth and melts in your mouth. I've not found anything like it and would bring a box with me when traveling to consulting jobs around the country. Everyone loved it.

I prefer the 'original' milk version over the 'newer' dark version and it's one of the few candies I like with nuts (walnuts). It makes a great hot chocolate by just adding a square to hot milk.
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Another vote for Shriver's!
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So much jinxing going on here. I'll second Old Danish Fudge Kitchen. I drive between SF and LA often, and I make a point to stop here every time. Their plain dark chocolate fudge is the best I've ever had (do not tell my grandma, god rest her soul, I said that). My kids go apeshit for their penuche.
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I have gone with Shriver's for ease of ordering and sheer number of recommendations. (Also, I'm on the east coast). I will report back regarding the reception of the fudge.
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Fudge has been received with much appreciation. The chocolate and peanut butter were duly devoured. Walnuts are being eaten around. Writer friend said no one needs to be assassinated for poor quality fudge. All in all, very successful.
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