What kind of professional will help me get lit up?
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Are affordable lighting design consultants a thing? If yes, how best to find one? ...I've already tried Houzz, Homestars, and The Interwebs in general.

My very small Toronto condo has horrible terrible awful lighting which I'm planning to remove and upgrade.

I need help with the design aspect (I don't know a wall sconce from a scone) and am having trouble finding listings.
There are lighting stores, very spendy high end architectural firms, and plain ol electricians..but I need a pro who can come in and tell me where I need pot lights, where I need pendants, and then do/advise on the installation work. I don't want to spend a huge amount on the final fixtures but don't mind paying for quality consultation services.

How do I find such a person in Toronto?
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In the US we would just hire an interior designer for this task unless your condo happens to be 3000sq ft +. Designers typically get trade pricing at the various shops and are shop agnostic -- a good argument against using an in-house designer. (In-house services tend to be free with purchase, though, so the cost evens out.) How "light" a space feels depends on more than the placement, number, and types of fixtures and the nature and strength of the bulbs; this is where an interior designer's broader skill set is highly valuable. Often changing a paint color, strategically hanging a mirror, or even swapping out a throw pillow or two can change the color and light balance of a room. It's a crazy thing. I would ask any interior designers about their specific training and interest in lighting, though.

If you do want a lighting designer, that term most often refers to someone in theater and stage design. So watch carefully to avoid awkwardness. There is a professional association of lighting designers of the kind you have in mind here, with a directory.
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Thanks snickerdoodle!
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