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We're going to Chicago April 18-24. We're a dyke couple in our 40s plus a 14 year old kiddo. Our interests include: music (singer/songwriter or rock/punk continuum), theater, books/zines/comics, delicious foods of all types (two of us are vegetarians), history/walking tours (especially exploring race/labor history/activism), queer things, stuff we wouldn't find outside of Chicago

We're planning to attend the March for Science while we're there, so I imagine that's most of the 22nd taken.

For the first three days we'll be staying in Andersonville. We're still trying to finalize accommodations for the second half of the visit.

I saw and will be taking notes from this thread.
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Our interests include: music (singer/songwriter or rock/punk continuum)

Jeff Tweedy (from Wilco) is playing a couple of benefit shows in Chicago while you're there.
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Women and Children First is a great independent bookstore in the heart of Andersonville.

It's too bad you won't be there on May Day as there are always some interesting events to commemorate the Haymarket, but it might be worth keeping an eye out to see if there is anything happening leading up to May Day.
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The Du Sable Museum of African American History is a nice little museum. It is also right near the Fountain of Time, which is worth a look.

To my mind, you can spend a very pleasant morning visiting the museum, the park and the Seminary Co-op Bookstore. You can take the red line all the way down from Andersonville, if memory serves.

There's a lot of little restaurants near the park - some soul food, some little cafes - that are supposed to be pretty good. (My schedule didn't permit lunch the last time I was over there.) Or you could just take the red line back up to Chinatown.
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Kithcen17 is our neighborhood veggie go-to and the best veggie burger I've ever had. Or Irazu. Green Zebra remains a good bet for fancier vegetarian, as does Boka. Milt's Barbecue is kosher and manages vegetarian well (closes for the Sabbath). If the 14 year old really wants to go to Kuma's Korner, they do a credible veggie patty burger. I still don't have a go-to recommendation for vegetarian restaurants downtown (assuming that's where the route takes you)--a number of places will have at least one reasonable vegetarian option but the good veggie places are still in the neighborhoods, rather than the business/shopping/tourist places.

The Newberry Library and the Cultural Center will have events on that weekend and both buildings are just worth seeing. The Chicago History Museum is better than it ought to be.
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Chicago Architecture Foundation tours (walking and otherwise)
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Since the last thread, Too Much Light Makes the Baby Go Blind has technically closed due to a rights issue, but the same people are mounting a new show at the same place and times called The Infinite Wrench, and I have to imagine it'll be every bit as much worth seeing as the old one. (And it's in Andersonville.)

Women and Children First is awesome, and you'll do well for food wandering down Clark Street in Andersonville.
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Our interests include: music (singer/songwriter or rock/punk continuum)

A good place to start is the calendars of the Hideout and the Empty Bottle

(Depending on your tastes, 4/20 at the Hideout alone would scratch both an acoustic and a fuzzed-out guitar itch. And I can personally endorse every band playing the H/O that night as top-notch entertainers)


Then Quimby's is a must. Full stop.
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The Museum of Science and Industry is a must-visit in my book, and definitely an only-in-Chicago thing - it far surpasses most of the science museums I've ever visited; their coal mine experience touches on labor issues and is guide-led so you can make it even more so if you wish.

Chicago is also the birthplace of improv comedy - I'd recommend checking out a show at Second City
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Plus and: The Western Elstons play (nearly) every first and third Wednesday from 8:30p-11p at Simon's Tavern.

Simon's Tavern is at 5210 N Clark St. (right in Andersonville!) and the Western Elstons are all so damn talented it outta be a crime, e.g.
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Seconding chimpsonfilm's recommendation - the Chicago Neofuturists put on a good show. Nearby: the Middle East Bakery and Grocery is fantastic (eat in the cafe, or grab some pre-prepared foods for a picnic), and Hopleaf has a fabulous beer selection. The area around the Argyle red line stop has a ton of excellent Vietnamese food; I'm personally partial to Tank Noodle and Uptown Pho.

Further north, Lifeline Theatre in Rogers Park is currently running an adaptation of A Wrinkle in Time

And I highly recommend venturing to Lincoln Park - the park itself is beautiful, and both the Lincoln Park Conservatory and Lincoln Park Zoo are free and highly enjoyable. On your way down, stop in Lakeview for treats from Loba Pastry + Coffee. I'm also hearing good things about Jennivee's Bakery, which is a proudly trans-owned business.
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Intuit Museum of Intuitive and Outsider Art is a little gem.
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We were just in Chicago a couple weeks ago (HAMILTON!!!! and college visits but MOSTLY HAMILTON!!!!) and some friends took us out to Little Goat. O.M.G. If you go, please please try the tempura mashed potatoes. And get the French Silk Pie (totally enough for four people). The cocktails are amazing, too.

We also ate at Adobo Grill. Tableside guac and fantastic margaritas. It's across the street from one of the Second City venues, too.
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For comics, I would also suggest Chicago Comics.
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Possibly not as extensive in selection as Chicago Comics, but right in Andersonville: Alleycat Comics
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Thanks all! We did go to lots of these places: Du Sable and Fountain of Time (plus just riding Divvy bikes around that part of the South Side to Bronzeville), Alleycat Comics, Middle East Bakery, Quimby's, Infinite Wrench, the architecture boat tour, and tons more including a fun wander around the Frank Lloyd Wrights of Oak Park, lots of sightseeing from the El, The Busy Beaver Button Museum, and a million restaurants. I'm very sad we missed some of these vegetarian restaurants suggested here and Jennivee's and some other stuff that was on our Definitely Do This list, but that city is freaking huge and we missed a million things we wanted to do too. I guess we'll have to go back, it's such a great city! Thanks so much for the recommendations.
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Oh and I wanted to recommend the very cool Stony Island Arts Bank. They have films every Friday and they said they have an installation piece coming in June with an spaceship thing going on and live music. It's a beautiful and moving place.
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