Trying to get a receiver to work with smart TV
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I just bought a Sony STR-DA1ES receiver in order to power my two speakers. I bought an RCA cable and plugged it into my Samsung 32" Smart TV (model no. UN32J525DAF). It doesn't appear to work at all, while there is definitely a signal going through the receiver to the speakers. I plug the RCA cords into each different setting on the back of the receiver and change the receiver's modes to correspond and it still doesn't work!

The sound settings in the Smart TV's menu only let me select "audio out" instead of "receiver", which is grey'd out, inspite of the fact that the RCA cables are plugged in. What gives? What could I be doing wrong here?
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looking at the manual for the Sony STR-DA1ES, the RCA ports on the back are labeled "component/av in" which means its for sending a signal from the receiver to the tv, not vice versa.

there's a digital audio out on your tv that it looks like you should be able to use to connect your tv to your specific receiver with a digital audio cable.
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noloveforned beat me on preview -- looks like your TV only supports digital out.
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Looking at the manual, it looks like you need to use Digital Audio out with a digital audio cable.

But...I're spending today's money to solve eight-year-old problems at this point. If your budget allows at all, get a TV that actually has HDMI output (which is a very basic feature these days) and a receiver that has HDMI input (ditto). It'd be one thing if you were just trying to hook up some old equipment you had lying around, but spending money on a receiver like the STR-DA1ES? It's not good value.
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Nthing the digital out. Many new products have ditched the analog outputs to plug the "analog hole" in copyright protection. See the new iPhone for example no more analog headphone jack. This "hole" meant people could bypass Digital Rights Management (which can alert devices to block the use of digital outputs for protected material) and make a copy of DRM protected material through the analog outputs. A drag for us with analog audio systems.
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Ahah, I've never known what those are for until now. I haven't owned a TV in 10 years :P

@praemunire: I bought it second-hand from a friend bc they were getting rid of it for cheap ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Otherwise I would definitely have bought new stuff. However, isn't this Smart TV relatively new? It has HDMI inputs. (I got the TV for my birthday, I didn't know I was getting it). I've been playing PS4 through HD for a few weeks now.
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I think this D/A from Monoprice is the one I got.
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