Best Filet Mignon in Asheville
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Where can I get an amazing filet mignon in Asheville, NC next Saturday night?

This is a special occasion so fancy & expensive is okay! Would prefer somewhere local rather than Ruth Chris, but not having much luck with google and I'm not familiar with the area. The few steakhouses I've found on Yelp don't have filet. (This is important, one of the guests is picky.)

Thank you! Great views/ ambiance is always a plus.
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You can't beat the view at The Sunset Terrace.
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Bull & Beggar in the River Arts section is the filet I've had in Asheville recently.
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Asheville's not really a white-tablecloth town any more, so GPI for location and views or Bull & Beggar for "downscale upscale" give you two very different options. (The weather forecast for next weekend is crisp.)

Another one might be the Red Stag Grill in the Grand Bohemian down in Biltmore Village. It's a weird space -- a new building done up like a hunting lodge, with lots of panelling and trophy heads on the walls -- and it's always had a reputation for slightly iffy consistency, but it's definitely a special occasion restaurant, with prices to match.
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I'll second the Red Stag. I've only been there twice so I can't comment too much on its consistency, but both of my experiences were great. Looks like they have a $36 grass-fed filet.

If you're expecting to take a lot of pictures, you may find that challenging. I remember a STRONG red hue in there.
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Red Stag has a sanitation grade of 91 (out of 100) last time I was there. They have a history of low grades, even scoring a B at one point last year. This is not normal for Asheville, especially not in a somewhat-newly renovated building. It seems to me that Red Stag leans heavily on their $$$ decor, and tourist traffic overflowing from Biltmore Estate. It's a cool place to get a drink, but the food is an afterthought.

Meanwhile, across the road on Biltmore Estate, the Bistro has a filet mignon on the menu right now. IIRC the Bistro is like, the fanciest restaurant on the estate, and the beef is raised on the property. The view from the window seats is pretty good, too.
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I've no idea whether dining at Biltmore's restaurants requires an entry ticket or a reservation at an estate hotel. The website is, um, somewhat vague about it.
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OH yeah. I'm pretty sure it's required. Does OP know anyone who's an annual passholder? There's some kind of promotion going right now where passholders get comp tickets and can bring friends to visit and/or do stuff at the winery (ahem ahem, or so I have heard).
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What about the Brasilia Churrasco Steakhouse downtown? They've got filet mignon on the dinner menu. Here's a link: menu
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We are actually planning to spend some time at the Biltmore, so we will have entry tickets! Looks like the Bistro might work if that menu is still current!
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