which Borges story is this?
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I think I remember a story by Borges in which the rules of chess are amended, such that a certain piece can move to any square on the board - including the square from which it started. Did I imagine that? If not - which story is it?
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Whooboy... That does sound like him, though I can't remember anything specifically. This has really sent me down a Sunday morning rabbit hole of scraping my memory and searching the Google.

I found this piece on chess in the universe of Borges.

There's also the idea of "pan-ajedrez" or "panajedrez," which Borges' friend and collaborator Xul Solar was behind. As described in this article, it doesn't sound like what you're talking about, but it is the kind of thing that could be floating around in the mind of someone who read or read about Borges and could fuel that memory (or false memory heh).

I wish I could be more help and hope you find a more definitive answer, but I'm passing this all along in case any of it seems familiar and helps shake loose the memory from your brain.
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It's a different rule change, but maybe you're thinking of the fifth work listed in the oeuvre of Pierre Menard, Author of the Quixote?
e) a technical article on the possibility of enriching the game of chess by eliminating one of the rook's pawns (Menard proposes, recommends, debates, and finally rejects this innovation);
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