Keto to go -- what to bring?
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I am taking a road trip with my daughter and a few of her friends to a crafting retreat for a long weekend. And I am on day seven of keto (low carbs, medium protein, high fat). The meals are provided, but I don't want to drop the ball for four days. Any suggestions for things I can bring to snack on while avoiding carbs and sugars? ** Little snowflakes, all in a row below. **

The food is fabulous, according to my daughter, but I hate to be "that person" and start dictating what will be on the menu. I'd rather eat what I can and supplement from my own stash.
So... this is an unstructured, learn-as-I-go process based on internet research. I am aiming for 25 net carb per day, mainly the eggs-salads-meats trio. This is a personal life change, although my doctor would approve.

1) What can I bring that I can just store in my car unrefrigerated?
2) While we are at it, what can I bring backpacking?
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Best answer: My go-to keto travel foods are Moon Cheese or Cello Parmesean Whisps, Justin's single serve almond butter packets, tuna packets or cans, jerky, roasted peanuts, roasted seaweed, Quest Bars, pepperoni sticks or small salamis. Condiment packets (mayo and mustard) can come in handy for seasoning, too.
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I have found a number of great snacks that would fit your criteria through this page: Whole30 Approved. Some of my usual go to options are Wild Zora (the chili beef one is my favorite) and Sea Snax.
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Epic Bars are like energy bars but meat. Some, like the Bacon, have 0 carbs. They're about $3.50/bar at Whole Foods.
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One thing about the moon cheese: I love both cheese and salt but those are so salty I can't eat them.
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Best answer: Macademia nuts pack a punch calorie and fat wise.

Also pork rinds, cheese crisps, any bars that you approve of (I've seen buffalo and other meat bars at my health food store but haven't tried) beef jerky, individual packs of coconut manna (plain ground up coconut) or almond butter, dehydrated low carb vegetables, and shelf stable heavy cream (from trader joe's). Just a few ideas off the top of my head.
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All of the above! I'd also add nuts and/or sunflower/pumpkin seeds -- my favorite of the latter are SuperSeedz, and the Coco Joe flavor tastes like Cocoa Puffs. My favorite iteration of the crunchy-cheese snacks out there is the Just The Cheese brand -- nice single-serving bags, easy to stash anywhere. I also really like FatCoffee packets for easy bulletproof-type coffee business.
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Best answer: Been doing strict keto for 14 months now. My snacks include:

* Almonds. Be careful with the flavored varieties though, most have added sugar.
* Sunflower seeds (with or without shells)
* Cheese. Babybel and string cheese will last hours if not days unrefrigerated.
* Whisps (the parm cheese snack).
* hard-boiled eggs travel decently well
* Pork rinds. I dip mine in cream cheese.
* pepperoni sticks. Similarly I also buy ham sticks, but make sure there's no added sugar (and it's not honey ham)
* Low-sugar meat jerky. Read your labels.
* Quest bars. So good, so many varieties. I could live off the chocolate chip cookie dough and strawberry cheesecake flavors. Also, Costco makes some similar protein bar knock-offs that are also good. (I've heard that Quest actually makes them and Costco just sells them under their label, but this is just a rumor, no idea if true..) Some claim Quest bars may kick you out of ketosis. I'm fine with them, but your mileage may vary.
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Best answer: Avocados travel well, get them in varying states of ripeness
Kale chips. Spectrum...i think that is the brand?
ground or milled flaxseeds - i'm weird but i do eat them just ground as is
celery is pretty hardy and can stand not being refrigerated for a few days
coconut flakes.
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I don't do keto so I'm not sure if this would work but Trader Joe's has started carrying these travel packets of coconut oil which could be good for adding to food.
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Best answer: You can get pretty far on canned meat. Tuna and sardines yes, but also you can get canned chicken and beef, plus check your dollar store for smaller-than-usual cans of green beans, asparagus, mushrooms, spinach etc that you can eat without heating and not have to throw out much if any leftovers.

If you're planning on sticking with keto it's worth the investment in a Costco-size box of mayo packets. Go through your packet drawer for some mustard, soy, hot sauce. Get a travel spray bottle and put red wine or cider vinegar in it. The grocery store has cardboard salt and pepper shakers for $2, plus you want some flavors - McCormick's makes a bunch of mixed seasonings but check the label for sugar, otherwise at least get you some ancho chili powder, make a travel container of mixed onion/garlic powder, maybe a little container of smoked paprika. You may want a little flax seed or fiber supplement, if you're going to be living mostly on can meat and mayo.

Cucumbers that have not been refrigerated are counter-stable for quite a while. If you have a farmer's market you can hit just before you leave, that's your best bet. If it's going to be cool in your car, celery will hold a while and may do better if you pack it in water in a jar or secure snap-top container.

Make sure you bring some gallon ziplocs for your fishy-smelling trash in case you can't wash your cans/bowl right away after use.
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Response by poster: I'm swinging by Trader Joe's and Whole Foods today (Tulsa is the closest Costco). Thanks!
If you think of anything else low-carb that does not need refrigeration, let us know.
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Response by poster: Update: Trader Joe's and Whole Foods -- ummm, no, a bit too expensive for my budget.
So it's on for celery / bell pepper / avocado / mixed greens, lots of cheeses, some nuts and almond butter, and tuna packets. I'm bringing a small cast iron skillet and olive oil and will swing by Walmart for eggs. Surely, they will have mayo and mustard, and I can whip up dressing with mayo / ketchup / relish or chopped pickles.
Unless every meal is pasta / rice / bread with cookies for dessert, I should be fine.
If I cheat, dammit, it will be for an apple.
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