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I am part of a Facebook group with more than 1500 members. I wish to help develop a policy about appropriate posts, comments and administration, including any possible deletions of posts and comments. Do you know any resources that discuss best practices for this type of thing?
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Oh man, I feel you on this. Memail me and I'll send you a copy of what my online community (about 1700 members but growing fast) drafted to deal with this issue.

But I'll be watching to see if someone has something better.
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I can't speak to the Facebook specific part of this, but if you don't have one already you should adopt a Code of Conduct such as this Geek Feminism one for communities. Beyond that you need a team of moderators who are on the same page about what constitutes a breach of your policy and what actions are considered appropriate. You might want to set up an out of band channel for moderators to be able to communicate with each other. Rehearse what you would like your resolution of issues to look like.
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Probably you ought to ask the group about the ground rules. It increases the buy-in from the groups members when they were asked and given voice to contribute to the establishment of rules versus a set of rules imposed by an admin. OR, develop a straw document with the proposed policy changes and have an open period (30 Days) to comment on the proposed changes. I'd use a wiki for this purpose instead of commenting directly on FB. There is a great little site https://www.quicktopic.com/ that might do for a threaded discussion which is what I'd recommend.
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I finally found a good Google phrase for this: facebook group rules template

From there, I found:
* How To Create Facebook Community Guidelines
* 15 Rules of Engagement For Facebook Group Administrators
* 5 Tips for Running a Facebook Group - Successfully
* plus more.
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