Hipster Bib Aprons, But Without The Hipster Prices
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We need sleek sophisticated aprons, ideally without a pocket on the upper (bib) part of the apron so we can get a logo silk screened onto them. We do not want to spend $45 or more per apron! (We might spend $30 or more for the right apron.) Please Hope Us!!

Lend me your fresh eyes and attitude, because I have looked and looked and I am just not enthusiastic at this point.

We have some tall men, and folks of other various sizes. Prefer no pockets on the upper, since that's where the logo is supposed to go. Prints won't work, neutral solid colors preferred. Bonus points for adjustable neck strap.

I like this apron, especially the waxy finish on the denim, but the metal overalls-type clasps are not optimal. Also, I think the curved hem on the top is not perfect for our use, if the top hem were square and the neck strap had a cool adjustable buckle thingy instead of metal clasps, I would splurge for $31. I realize some aprons are $80 and up, but for our purposes, something this pricey that will be repeatedly abused and washed is cost prohibitive.

We will need at least 20 aprons and/or the ability to re-order as necessary. I'm not sure if this is a deal I can find on Etsy? Amazon gives me a headache, but if you found something awesome there recently on your own and think it's in our sweet spot, please pass on your find! If you know of other companies, catalogues, or websites we should look at please please point the way!!

Thank you. Thank you.
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How about these ones? I think the shape is right and they have some good color options.
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I was looking for aprons for awhile on Amazon and so on, and eventually ran across this denim one at Costplus and snapped it up for myself. It seems pretty durable and well-made and the style is interesting without giving it a really high price.

They have a slightly less fussy apron in pewter that looks good too.
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I'd be starting at a restaurant place and looking at something that is high-end for a mass reailer but might work for you? So like this page of white bib aprons. The top stuff is basically disposable stuff but as you scroll down you get more interesting options. Possibly still too dull but the price is right for what you are looking for.
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I love the one I got from Attitude and Apron on etsy. They're over $30, but they might give you a deal on a bulk order? They're great aprons.
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I'm not sure what makes it hipster, versus just an apron (except not foofy, I guess?). We use these, if you have a Smart and Final they have them there, but they're just catering aprons, you should be able to get them at any restaurant supply. They have a waist pocket but could be worn inside out if you remove the tag. They're $6 in the store.

Let me get a photo of my husband's (hand-painted) so you can see.
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Apron. There's 12" of space from the top of the bib to the top of the pocket, and the bib is 9" wide at the top and 18" just above the pocket.
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This is what promotional product printers are designed for. They'll supply the apron AND do the silkscreening for you. Here's one example from 4imprint.

Google "promotional product apron" for many other alternatives.
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Sorry - I didn't quite understand the 'hipster' need. I thought you were asking for non-hipster aprons. I do think that plain black are sleek and hip enough for most purposes.
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Here are aprons for as little as $1.29, at a restaurant supply.
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Thanks all for the fresh eyes!! I'll update for choices, but legit, I appreciated every answer because I was over it so hard. I needed the extra that you all took the time to lend. Thanks so much for the effort!!
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