Best resale bang for the buck in PDX
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If you have sporting goods to sell in Portland where would you get the most money out of the deal? Next Adventure, Play it Again Sports, or good ol' Craigslist?

The item in question is a fairly new snowboard with bindings, but I also tend to accumulate excess gear for my other hobbies (climbing, hiking, and motorcycling). If you know of any other outlets to get rid of extra sporting goods (preferably for cash, but open to credit) let me know. Thanks!
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Are you willing to do the legwork for CL? You'll get more money selling directly, but it also requires more work (people flake, people meet you and then refuse to pay agreed-upon price, etc.)

I've had good luck selling things on Facebook groups, although I haven't done it since moving back to PDX.

There's a ski swap you could try if you're willing to wait until winter.
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I have had a lot of luck giving things away with "buy nothing". You build social credit, not dollar credit, it's never a 1:1 transaction. But when you need/want something, if anyone has what you're looking for, they're happy to dig it out of their basement for you.
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If it's reasonably new, ebay still has a pretty big audience for ski and snowboard equipment. You can always search through listings to see what your gear might be worth.

No direct experience, but I imagine that Next Adventure, PIA, etc aren't going to offer that great of prices. They have overhead to cover and margin to make. (Doubly so that we are heading into spring). But I'm sure a few quick phone calls could get you exact dollar figures.

I'd personally try craigslist to sell them and just use firm language in the ad. If you have the room, saving them until next season might net you a few more dollars.

(If they are size large Flow bindings, LMK, I'm in the market)
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