Where can I find cute, colorful, crazy kids' clothes FOR ADULTS?
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I'm looking for Cat + Jack, but for adults: cute, colorful, comfy clothes at normal prices. (More clothes I like but are only for kids: Tea Collection and basically everything in this thread.) I get brightly colored leggings from Forever 21. T-shirts are not my favorite; I really like tunics or dresses over leggings or with tall socks. I know about Hanna Andersson (still, the adult clothes are not as good as the kids' clothes) and Gudrun Sjoden, but I'm not spending $100 on a jersey-knit dress; I want to pay ~$30. Please hope me.
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One thing I discovered just yesterday was that clothes in the Junior's section of stores can fit some adults...I wear an adult women's size 10-12 (M-L) and was able to fit into some of the larger pieces in the Junior's section at Marshall's... (cheaper, too- got a pair of stretch pants for $5). So that might be something to look into.
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Response by poster: Oh, I should have said, I usually wear a Large/XL/women's 12 at places like H&M/Forever 21. My measurements are something like 38"/33"/42".
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Response by poster: Oh, one more thing and I'll stop threadsitting: I also know about and love and have several Cowcow dresses in crazy prints.
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Have you seen Lularoe? I like their colorful tunic tops (called the Irma) or swing dresses (the carly) over leggings for comfort! The tops are around $35 and carly dresses $55. And they cover a wide array of women's sizes. I wouldn't say they resemble the cat & jack line, but they're comfortable and offer fun patterns and colors.
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Have you checked Lindy Bop or ModCloth?
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Zulilly has a lot of stuff like that, but they get new stuff in every day and you kind of have to dig through the different brands/collections/tiles. (You'll need to give them an email to browse, but I just typed in a random mailinator.com address and it let me in.)
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Boden isn't silly but has some nice bold color blocks that may appeal.
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Best answer: I've been using Amazon for my cheap and colorful stuff, like this dress that I have in green. It takes a bit of browsing and clicking on related items, and sellers/brands change all the time, but there's some fun stuff there. A lot of women post reviews on this stuff with photos, which is crucial because the sizing is frequently weird and sometimes you need to see what worked for others.
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Expensive, but in the design realm you might be interested in/perhaps a jumping off point for you for more research:

French knits designer Catherine Andre

Finnish design house Marimekko

Spanish designer Agatha Ruiz de la Prada has playful clothes.

And of course, the sale racks at Anthropologie are hit or miss troves as you've probably experienced, but could also direct you toward more designers in your wheelhouse.

In the long ago, I found more than a few items by these designers (or somewhat knocked off versions) at Faces in Northampton, MA. It seems to me that Nordic/French/Spanish/Japanese designers exhibit a fun youthfulness in their adult clothing creations. I bet there's some little eccentric clothing shop near your area that carries cute clothes like you're looking for, and cruising Etsy you could probably discover some similar style young designers as well!
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Best answer: You might find the answers in this AskMe helpful: Help me dress like a primary school art teacher! [UK filter]
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Winter Water Factory uses the same prints on their kids clothes and their adult clothes (women's shirts & dresses).
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Best answer: Oh good, you know about Cowcow. That's important.

I have a few of these skirts and am in fact wearing one right now! It's alarmingly pink. There are two different types of skirts sold at that link--the ones with rouching at the waist are a little nicer imo. They're inexpensive, the fabric is soft, and they're easy to wear.

I also have several of these factory second scarves. They're dirt cheap, enormous, and come in a ton of vibrant colors.

Target is great for inexpensive, bright tees and v-necks and also cardigans sometimes. Old Navy used to be but they're on a real muted trend right now and are dead to me.

Just this morning my coworker sent me a link to Redbubble. I don't know anything about the quality, but they have seemingly endless amounts of fun printed stuff.

You'll probably also be a fan of We Love Colors.
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I too like colorful and whimsical clothing.

Doesn't meet your price goals, but Desigual can be light-hearted and colorful.

I have liked what Loft is doing recently and they have a lot of discount codes if you get their emails. Lots of patterns and 100% cotton t-shirts with patterns, and I just recently ordered this shirt with leopards on it.
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Best answer: I have a very similar issue with wanting kids' clothes.

If you keep an eye on the sale/clearance cycle, plenty of stuff at Sahalie will likely work for you. Other offerings in the Blair marketplace will likely appeal, though you'll need to dig. Fit is often rather dowdy, though I find the Sahalie stuff to be more youthful, and the good thing about dowdy is that it's a lot easier to go from that to well-fitted instead of the other way around with things like dress clips, belts, and some basic tailoring skills.

I also have pretty good luck sometimes in the non-gear section of Sierra Trading Post. Lots of the outdoorsy brands make a few pieces a season meant for looking nice but still able to camp/swim/whatever outside in, and Sierra Trading Post seems to aggregate these pretty well when they go on clearance. Lots of sweater dresses, flowy tunics and coverups, skirts with pockets, etc.
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Best answer: Maybe Joe Brown's?
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Already mentioned, but seconding Desigual and Agatha Ruiz de la Prada.
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Best answer: We are similar in size and our love of prints (the number of printed things in my wardrobe skyrocketed after having a baby because I was jealous of his cute clothes, and I have considered posting this same question myself). Here's what I've found:

- Yes to the Anthropologie (and also Urban Outfitters) sale racks; many of my favorite printed things have been from there.

- Also yes to Loft; I've been pleased with their prints and they regularly have good sales.

- I can vouch for Redbubble's contrast tanks being good quality (the chiffon fabric is especially nice if you want to look professional/dressy) though I have no experience with the dresses. Out of all the print-your-own-design stores they seem to have the best selection of women's styles.

- Debenhams' Mantaray line is full of whimsical prints and the quality is good; wait for a free international shipping promo.

- Sweetlegs has leggings that are similar in feel to Lularoe, but the print selection is much better. ( I've found Lularoe's print selection disappointing and I don't like the MLM consultant party-on-Facebook rigamarole.)

- Trina Turk is pricey but discounted past-season styles will often pop up on Amazon, 6PM, flash sale sites, etc. I've occasionally had success making note of a style/pattern I like and keeping an eye out for sales.

And if you're into sciencey prints, you may also like Svaha, which is a bit out of your price range but not too much. They have both kids' and women's clothes; I've never gotten anything from them but I've seen the kids' stuff in stores and it looks and feels like solid quality stuff.
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Best answer: Oh, one more: if you can get away with sneaking pajamas into your daytime wardrobe, that can be a good source of adorable prints. Munki Munki is one of my favorite pajama brands for prints, and their line for Target is cheaper but just as cute and good.
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A couple people have posted about Redbubble (where designers/artists can sell all kinds of items with their art printed on them) - they actually offer tunic-like dresses (mostly in the $60 range) and t-shirt dresses (mostly in the $40 range) in all-over prints! Because it costs nothing to upload art, there are some REALLY weird/cool things on there.

Some examples:
Happy Sloths Jungle
And some abstracted florals in the styles/colors I think you're looking for:
Folk Flowers
Zen Garden
Magischer Nacht Garten
Marine life, seaweed illustration
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Response by poster: There is some great stuff in here! I especially appreciate things I can find on Amazon (because Prime) and stuff I can find in stores, but wow! Y'all have really delivered! Price is important so I'm glad this seems doable.
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Best answer: On Amazon, you might also like the print tunics from Made By Johnny and Allegra K. I've bought several for under $20 and the quality is good. Seconding cabingirl's advice to follow the "related items" trails and check reviews for sizing info.
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Oh also also, if you like the shape/style of a Made By Johnny top, but it's solid (=boring), click through anyway and select the color option. There are usually 15+ variations including fun prints!
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Best answer: Mr. Gugu and Miss Go has lots of bold, colorful, playful prints for both kids and grown-ups. My kid has a few things from them, and they've held up well.
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Nth -ing Amazon. You're welcome to copycat (hehhh) me on this goofy cartoon cat shirt.
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Way out of your price range, but a designer I found in a Tokyo mall really fits all my colorful patterned wants. So if you want inspiration take a look at Tsumori Chisato. I'm bigger than you and although a lot of the stuff is one size fits all (ha!), some of the sweaters fit my 45" chest. When I was looking online later I was able to look at Chisato and find similar clothes for much less on Pinterest, etc. Thanks for this thread!
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I have two of the a-line dresses from Redbubble - I love them because 1) the neck is high so no overt cleavage, and 2) the generous, slightly stretchy fit. Also 3) you can wear Joy Division or the moon.

(and if you get on their mailing list, you get coupon codes and free shipping offers very frequently.)
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