PAX East, Boston, 4 teenagers and one dad need accommodations tonight
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My son is driving 4 teenagers (I think they're all boys, not sure) from Ithaca to Boston today to go to PAX East . Some cousins were going to put them all up but one cousin got very sick last night and they cannot. Where should these guys look for a place to stay? They're on a tight budget. Thanks.
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Best answer: Check out this place? She might have some rooms available. I have stayed there many, many times and it is very economical for the area. (Right on the red line too, an easy trip to PAX). Unfortunately, once springtime hits Boston, the hotel rates go through the roof.
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What do you consider a tight budget? Depending on what that is, we'll know to give you recommendations for hotels in the city or out in the 'burbs.
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Couchsurfing? Airbnb?
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Best answer: I've had good luck with same-day AirBnB requests (in NYC), especially when I explained to potential hosts that it was a semi-emergency situation where my previous accommodation had fallen through. Probably your cheapest option, and worth a shot!
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For both availability and costs finding a place along the commuter rail line is likely their best bet.

PAX East taxes Boston's hotel system and surge pricing is in effect.
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Hipmunk is really good for this, if they're looking for a hotel. I see a bunch of places under $200 for tonight, but basically nothing under $150.
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Response by poster: Thanks everyone! An old friend volunteered her home in Jamaica Plain, she's brave, but has raised two sons so I guess she knows teenaged boys.
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