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I'm getting a massage from an RMT this afternoon in a setting that describes itself as "Wellness Centre and Spa - Osteopathy and Wellness Centre". I won a gift certificate for a 45 min massage. Do I tip the RMT?

I've read a similar question here, but there seemed to be some differing opinions... particularly spa vs. no spa. What about kinda-spa?

So: this place is both a therapeutic stting, and a spa, with an RMT.

Would you tip?
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Best answer: Tip. The business might be offering the service as a promotion, but the worker should not be punished for that by not getting their fair (customary) pay.

See also: when your meal is comped at a restaurant, you should still tip the wait staff according to the full value of the meal.
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Response by poster: Beauty! Thanks!
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If there is a receptionist when you check in, I would just ask. If not, you can ask the therapist, "Do you accept tips?" (So plan on tipping, just in case, but they may tell you not to. My favorite massage therapist does not accept tips.)
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