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Where can I get IKEA-cheap furniture that's not IKEA in New York? Actual stores where I can go and sit and bounce and touch fabrics.

Where can I get IKEA-cheap furniture that's not IKEA in New York? Actual stores where I can go and sit and bounce and touch fabrics. I'm just reeeaaallllly over Ikea. It's so boring and I'm tired of furniture that looks like Legos.

When I say cheap, I mean upholstered armchairs for under $300 and non-plastic coffee tables for under $200. So that means West Elm and CB2 are out, though I'm on all their mailing lists for sales.

I'm going to swing through World Market and HomeGoods and Target because I saw some things online in my price range I'd like to rub on, but are there any other good places that I don't know about? I'm happy to look at used furniture (will peek in Salvation Army) and will be poking around Brooklyn Flea, but most of that is out of my price range too as calling something 'vintage' instead of 'used' basically triples the cost.

I don't have time to scroll through craigslist and run around town and haggle. I want to look at lots of options at a time and try them out and touch them.

I live in Clinton Hill in Brooklyn so please don't recommend places in Jersey or deep Queens. Lower Manhattan and Brooklyn recommendations only. I don't care if it's assembly-needed or already constructed. I can borrow a car to do pickup.

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I've heard the World Market store in Manhattan was really lacking, that it's small and only has a few representative items,so unless you're in that neighborhood anyway might want to think about whether it's worth making a special trip.

Depending on the style you're going for, I would say give the Habitat for Humanity store a's in Queens though not "deep Queens", but the best part about it is that they post pics of their new items on their facebook page under the timeline photos. They put out new stuff on Mondays and Fridays, so if there's something posted that you like, you can hustle over and try it/buy it. Buy over $1000 worth of stuff and it's free delivery, otherwise they have people who can cheaply deliver larger items.

A lot of the stuff is probably not stuff you'd be hugely interested in, but they do get some amazing pieces on occasion and their stock is constantly rotating. I got a beautiful overstuffed modern charcoal grey sofa bed in like brand new condition for $225 a few weeks ago, it was originally only used for staging in an apartment that was for sale.
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There is a Raymour & Flanagan in the upper west side that may have items that hit your price points
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Muji is a more expensive option, Raymour & Flanigan also have a store on 14th that might suit you.

I've had pretty solid luck with the Housing Works thrift stores; but it's definitely more about the hunt than finding something perfect.
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The first non-Craigslist/IKEA furniture we bought was from Nadeau in Greenwich Village. Not extremely cheap, but you may find coffee tables in your range there. It's a similar aesthetic to World Market.
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Gotham Thrift Shop is in Queens BUT it is in Ridgewood, which is just a stone's throw from Bushwick, and last I checked, they deliver. The owners are wonderful, and they have a large and rotating selection of cool used furniture. Things I've personally bought there: 3 beautiful upholstered armchairs, $50 each, a big solid bookcase for $50, various tables somewhere in the $40-60 range, and a bunch of random other awesome things for great prices. I highly, highly recommend it.
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Bob's discount furniture has a location in Brooklyn, and they are priced in your budget.
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Also, I have a comment saved here where someone recommended Out of the Closet. I've been meaning to check it out but haven't got a chance yet...I think it's on Atlantic Ave.
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Stop by Build It Green/Big Reuse, in Gowanus, I believe near the Lowe's out there. They have lots of used furniture and appliances and a range of cheap to too pricey, and there is a pretty good turnover of stock.
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