how to insulate pipes flush agaist an outside wall
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i have CPVC pipes running from my outdoor continuous hot water heater through the garage wall, ceiling, and then to the entire house. how do i insulate the pipes when they are installed flush up against the house?

this is both for heat retention and UV protection (west side of Florida house.) is there some treatment i can "paint" on there, or do i really have to essentially remove all the anchors, pull it away a little and then put foam rod around it (i don't want to do that, stucco anchors suck!!)
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Pipe insulation usually comes with a split in it. I would just buy a stick to try, and pop it on in situ. If necessary you could remove a strip with a utility knife.
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Paint will protect vs UV but won't insulate. You need to do either your proposed procedure OR build a long narrow box to cover the pipe (say 6" square). You can insulate it with plain fiberglass in the box. Smart trim is a pretty easy material to build the box out of and you can bend a little roof out of aluminum flashing to cover the top. Caulk where it meets the stucco and where the pipe exits to keep out insects.
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