Word for Mac pagination/header issue. Help!
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I'm trying to put two documents together into one doc, with varying headers. I am failing miserably and am about to throw a tantrum. Please help!

I need to put two documents (short stories) into one document. But the second story has to start over at page 1. And also, the first page of each story has to have a slightly different header. So the headers need to be like this:

First Story Name (Fiction) 1
First Story Name 2
First Story Name 3
and so on to the end
Second Story Name (Fiction) 1
Second Story Name 2
Second Story Name 3
and so on to the end.

I'm using the latest Word for Mac. I've found some directions online about creating a new section after the first story, but when I do, I get as far as being able to create new header, but then when I go to the second page of the second story, I'm not able to do what I need to do.

I don't know if I'm spelling this out well enough, but if you understand my question and can help me, please help!
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I'm not sure what you mean when you say "I'm not able to do what I need to do" but I have some guesses.

There are some options in the world of headers and footers, but I don't have Office installed on my Mac right now so I cannot open it up over here and guide you straight there. I found some links, though. The options you're looking for are:

1) Different first page
This link shows you how to make your first page of your new section different from the second page to the end of the section. You could follow these instructions to go make sure that Different First Page is turned off on your second section.

2) Based on previous/link to previous
If this setting is turned on, then your section 2 footers will be based on your section 1 footers. This Q&A describes how to alter these settings.

Does that help at all?
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Oh yeah, forgot to link to How to restart page numbering in a new section. Whoops!
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Response by poster: Thanks so much, BLF. What keeps happening is that when I change the headers for the second story, it changes them all in the first section too. I unchecked the box that says "different first page" but this doesn't help.

If anyone has suggestions, please send!
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You want to make sure the sections are different, as noted. And, in addition to "different first page" (which is a pain in the ass; I'd advise against using it), you want to make sure "link to previous" is unchecked.
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Seconding mudpuppie, this sounds like the little icon for "link to previous" may be checked. It's insidious because, at least in the version of Word for Mac I have, there is no indication at all of what it is (until you hover over it) and the default state is "on". Here's a picture of it. You want that to be off.
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Response by poster: I, too, was sure that was the problem, but then when I unclicked it, I lost my first section headers! I'm about to jump out a window. I really feel that this is beyond my human powers.
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It does that sometimes.

Copy your header so it's on your clipboard. Make sure you've got section breaks where you need them and that the "link to previous" and "different first page" boxes are unchecked in ALL of your sections. Now paste your header into the page where you need it.

Working with headers/footers in Word is an exercise in repeatedly yelling THAT'S NOT WHAT I MEANT.
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Response by poster: Woohoo! Thank you, kind people! I have done it. I'm giving up on the different first page for each section, but what I have is good enough. Thanks to you all for chipping in.
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The different first page for each section is definitely doable in Word too, by checking the "Different first page" box, although be warned that it might again require retyping/copy-and-pasting. You might also have to fuss with the page numbering through the "format page numbers" button.

Working with sections, headers, footers and page numbers in Word takes some getting used to. It's a terrible, user-unfriendly interface.
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