Where to donate estate "leftovers" in the Cleveland, OH area?
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My mother's substantial estate is going to be liquidated soon, and we're trying to decide on a good place in the greater Cleveland, OH area to donate anything that isn't sold. She didn't have cancer, so The Gathering Place isn't a slam dunk. Any suggestions?
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Let me just add, for clarification, we aren't interested in any religious organizations.
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Out of the Closet?
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The Magnolia Clubhouse in University Circle has a resale shop called Bloomin . They employ members of the Clubhouse, which is a nonprofit organization that helps people with mental illness live and work in society. The Clubhouse has a cafe, too, run by its members. You can contact them at 216.721.3030 to discuss a tour and donation. I met the director, Lori, she is wonderful.
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The Cleveland Furniture Bank is a non-profit that provides home furnishings for people getting back on their feet. Obviously their main focus is furniture but they're willing to take other items along with furniture.

Otherwise Goodwill would be my suggestion.

If you wind up with any rare or out-of-print or leatherbound books, you could see if Zubal Books would be interested.
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Locally, there are a couple orgs who provide support for the homeless, helping set up folks in apartments, etc. They accept new or gently used household items.

Might something like that exist there?
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The yellow Planet Aid boxes are supposed to sort the raggedy clothes and shoes from the good condition shoes and clothes. All you have to do is launder them, bag them and shove them in the hopper. They're supposed to turn the raggedy clothes into rags.

For stuff that you can't drive, Salvation Army, Purple Heart Vet and AmVets will pick up.
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N.B. Planet Aid is a weird 'un... I was thinking about donating some clothes via one of their yellow boxes, but changed my mind after Googling them. You can do your own research and draw your own conclusions, but if you're not interested in religious organizations, you may not be interested in supporting Planet Aid either.
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Habitat for Humanity ReStore accepts household goods in addition to building materials.
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