Anroid - Lost Contacts - Any Reliable Freeware Apps to Retrieve Them?
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2nd time this happened - out of the blue, my contacts disappear.

First time I used Dr Phone - that worked now they want me to cough up 49 buck. I am living on disability - is there any program out there I can use gratis or less than 49 I can use? Running Vista.

Ever grateful.
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Are they synced to a Google account? They may well be.
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no - not that i can see - only emails are synched.
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When you visit Google Contacts (and are logged in), what do you see?
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Turn on contact sycing! This will never happen again if you sync your contacts.

Make sure all your contacts are set to display. Open contacts hit the menu button, then hit settings, then where it says 'contacts to display' make sure it says 'all contacts'.
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I ran into a similar issue with my parents phones. They had most of their contacts stored on their devices, and not with their google accounts. There is no easy way to sync/merge the contacts stored on the phone with the google account. I had to export the contacts from the phone (to a VCF file). Then on a computer, import them to their google accounts.

It took me a long time to find this information. It seems like this would be a simple task on the device, but I could not find a way...maybe there is an app to do this?

If anyone needs more details, I can find the site that explained it or write out instructions.
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