Help me dress my toddler
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I love shopping for my one-year-old at Tea Collection. The clothes are stylish yet practical, durable, and fairly-priced for the quality. I also really like that the designs are inspired by cultures around the world - it keeps things fresh and interesting. Where else can I find similar kids' clothes? I prefer to shop online but all suggestions are welcome!
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I love Boden's kid clothes and have been considering trying Tea Collection.
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Hanna Andersson, Polarn O. Pyret, and Mini Boden are all similar in quality to Tea.

I also love Zutano's prints, but they're not quite as good for essentials as Tea or Hanna.
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Was going to suggest exactly the brands recommended above. All are well made and adorable.
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Would have suggested exactly the same brands as listed above, just wanted to make a note about Zutano - my kid is tall and thin, and their cuts tend to be much too wide/boxy for her, even when she was an infant.
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Zutano does have fabulous boots! Our daughter is also long and the pants seemed to get short a little quickly, but their fleece booties can't be beat.
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Nthing Hanna Andersson.
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You can get most of these at Nordstrom, sometime on sale! And nordstorm notes and free shipping!!
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Mini Boden. The clothes are made to last and they have the cutest appliqued designs. They have good sales.
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I shop pretty much exclusively at Tea Collection and Hanna Andersson for my kids (with jeans from the Gap). Mini Boden too, sometimes, though as a warning their clothes tend to run HUGE on my kids.

My one year old wears all his 3 year old sister's hand me downs and they still look great after years of heavy use.
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Peek Kids has a lot of stuff along these lines.
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I just capitulated to the endless Facebook ads and bought my son a couple of shirts from Primary. There's a coupon code for first time users. The two shirts are got are soft, and well-made. I also like that they don't gender their clothing items. They're just listed under BABY and CHILD, or dresses, skirts, shirts, pants. Not GIRL or BOY.
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Nthing Mini Boden & Primary, which we’ve found to be the best bang for the buck for new clothes. Also: Petit Bateau is pricier but seriously sturdy. We got some hand-me-downs that had been through 5 kids and holy cow was it in terrific shape. Sweaters, sweatshirts, etc. (We gave it all back to the family that lent to us so a new crop of cousins could wear it.)
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Nthing Boden, Hanna Andersson, Polarn O. Pyret. I like Primary's quality, but note that their sizing can be way, way off (my 9 month old is wearing 6-12m in other brands, and is in the 18-24m pants in Primary).

Many of these brands have Facebook Buy/Sell/Trade groups where you can buy used clothes from other parents (that still looks practically new!) for significantly cheaper than new from the stores.
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Lilla Barn
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I think Cotton On - Kids has some really cute stuff, and they seem to be inspired by boutique brands, like Tea, Bobo Choses, and even Tutu du Monde (for their more formal stuff). The stuff I've gotten from them have lasted despite my accident-prone toddler's antics.
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Oh, adding Winter Water Factory as a company with cute, durable clothes.
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