How do I get this dog urine smell out of our couch?
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How do I get this awful dog urine smell out of our couch and other furniture?

A few months back we got a puppy and have been going through the whole potty training process which seems to have included the dog urinating on our furniture. How can we get the smell out of it? Our couch cushions are made of some sort of cloth material with some kinda of "stuffing" and the problem seems to be that the urine made it's way down into the "stuffing"...what do we need to do to get that out?
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Try getting an enzyme cleaner such as Nature's Miracle, and soak the cushions. You can find a lot of these cleaners at pet stores like Petco.
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To add upon what catfood has said, I find the smell of cat urine far worse and Nature's Miracle does a fantastic job removing the odor. It can even be added to the laundry if an item that can be washed it urinated on.
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If the cushions are zippered and you can remove the batting to clean it and let it air out that's going to make this process go a thousand times better, by the way. Those enzyme cleaners do an okay job but you want them to actually DRY and I doubt they will go a good job if they cannot get enough oxygen for the chemical reaction to proceed.
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I've only had so-so experience with Nature's Miracle on cat urine. Recently I used Febreeze on a couch cushion with really good results though. I've heard of others saying that diluted rubbing alcohol works and I suspect that Febreeze has some sort of alcohol in it that has a similar effect. I've also used a combination of Resolve and a carpet cleaner on our mattress with good results. Ah, the joys of cats!
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no one has mentioned it, but the only thing that has worked very well for me has been the Hartz Help! Pet Stain and Odor Remover . it used to come in a squirt bottle which worked a lot better for soaking an area so you could try something like that. good luck.
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