Load Complete New Yorker on harddrive
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Can you give me step-by-step instructions for copying my Complete New Yorker to my harddrive? (scroll down to Copy Issues to Local Hard Drive Issues Folder). I'm afraid I will screw this up and it will never work again.
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I think the author of that piece is a little shrill. Even if you screwed up the hack he describes, you could always unistall and then reinstall the CNY software.
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Also, you may want to read this. If you have a computer / technology related question, please provide the following information so that we don't have to ask you for it.

1. The Operating System you're using.
2. The approximate specs of the hardware you're using.
3. Your ultimate goal.

You're sort of clear about your goal. It sounds like you'd like to be able to read the CNY without swapping disks, right? One of your first considerations is going to be whether you have enough hard drive space to accomodate all 6 DVDs.
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Look here:

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Sorry, haven't had my coffee today, duh.
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found missing: Do you know sql? Can you install a "shareware SQL database manager off CNet"?
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Sorry that I left out that information. I'm using XP pro. I have plenty of processing speed and ram (I suspect the exact details on that aren't necessary.) I have more than ample harddrive space. You are absolutely correct about the reason that I want to do this.
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No, I don't know sql. I certainly can install shareware off CNet. Here is one I found: SQL Manager 2005 Lite for SQL Server 2.1. I don't know if that is what I need. BTW, just let me know if I'm over my head here.
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Wouldn't the absolute easiest way to do this be to make .ISO images of each disk, install Daemon Tools, and just tell D-Tools to switch images whenever the program calls for you to insert a different DVD? It would incur a 3-second delay each time you had to switch images, but it's very straightforward.

There were all those long complainey BoingBoing posts about this, and I always wondered why they didn't just go about it in this fashion.
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Boingboing now links to this howto, which is more detailed.
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I didn't know this was possible! Swapping discs about is the worst part of the Complete New Yorker. Thanks for bringing this to my attention.
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Another update from Boing Boing states the following:

1) Installed sqlite3 using Fink.
2) Copied all the "Issues" files from the DVD's to my spare hard drive..
3) Ran the sqlite commands as described by Gustaf - note that the ny-sqlite-3.db file is located in /Library/Application Support/The New Yorker, as is the Issues folder..
4) Copied the contents of /Library/Application Support/The New Yorker/Issues to the Issues folder on my spare drive..
4) Made a soft link from /Library/Application Support/The New Yorker/Issues to my copy of Issues (note that an alias in the finder did not work - I had to create the soft link on the commandline)..
5) Voila! Speedy New Yorker with no DVD swapping.
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