Does healthy non dairy creamer exist?
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I've been asked to research whether 'health' non dairy creamer exists, I guess on the theory that if 'healthy' margarine exists, corps might have done the same with creamer. I understand that soy, almond, oat milk, etc. exist and are healthyish. I'm looking specifically for nondairy creamer that does not contain trans fats, etc. that is not an alternative milk.
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Would Nutpods fit the bill?
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Are you defining "healthyish" as "does not contain trans fats"? And, how can something be both a creamer and "not an alternative milk"?
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I took the question to mean a product meant to be a creamer, and not just soy or nut milk (which I find curdles/separates/yuck/etc in coffee/tea)? I just got my month's worth of Nutpods from Amazon, so it's top of mind. It's the best I've found and I think I've tried them all!
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Depends what you mean by healthy, non-dairy and 'non alternative milk'. Here is one and you can find others at health food stores like Whole Foods. They are all likely to be a combination of alternative milks and stabilizers, with varying sweeteners and flavours. The nutritional info can demonstrate to you how little is actually coconut or almond, for example, by how much it differs from the nutritional information of actual almonds or coconut, or whatever. So you're trading off how much you want a creamer product with how many additives you want. The healthier the product, meaning fewer additives and sweeteners, will more closely resemble its whole food ingredients, and therefore be more like an alternative milk. FWIW, I use diluted Aroy-D brand coconut milk.
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I usually just use coconut milk straight from a can, but Nutpods are really good.
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I really have enjoyed the So Delicious coconut creamer. It's actually meant to be a creamer, not just coconut milk. It's mostly coconut and a bit of sugar and a few thickeners. They're delicious, low calorie, and rich.
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If you're just looking for the sweetness and flavor of International Delight, but healthier, you can get flavored baking emulsions like these. Add like 4 or 5 drops to your mug of coffee and add stevia to taste and it's pretty healthy and tastes pretty good. I'd add a splash of coconut cream if I weren't so lazy.
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I don't know if it counts as "alternative milk," but I've had equally good success with So Delicious coconut creamer. It's got a very convincing mouthfeel, no weird aftertaste, and it doesn't separate in very hot coffee. I was a devoted half-and-half user before, and I've tried every non-dairy coffee creamer on the market; it's by far the best option available now.

I know this isn't what you asked but in case anyone else is interested, their unsweetened coconut beverage is an equally good milk replacement, both for baking (it substitutes 1:1) and for pouring over cereal, etc. I've never tried it in coffee but I use it all the time as a substitute for milk.
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Trader Joe's has a coconut creamer that's delicious, cheap, and low-cal. I love it.
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