Help me trick out a new kitchen!
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I'm renovating my kitchen and need all new appliances. Pretending that money is no object, what should I get?

We're in the middle of a major home renovation. We've done the bathrooms and had a new porch built, and are in the process of ordering kitchen cabinets now. We'll need a new dishwasher, refrigerator, and stove (gas). I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed with the choices, but I also want to take advantage of any new, cool features that might be out there. Anyone have the straight dope on 2017 kitchen appliances?

We're both avid cooks, and our budget is doing well after the other projects. We've selected a cabinet vendor and gotten preliminary drawings. We'll be adding about 15 feet of cabinets and counter space, and we're really looking forward to having all those cool pull-out shelves and built-in garbage bins and dedicated plastic-wrap dispensers and all that. We just had a fancy elfa closet put in upstairs, so we're familiar with what they have to offer. Is there anything along those lines that you've found especially wonderful? Anything that's a waste of money?

Oh, and we need new washer and drier, too!
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Best answer: Bosch dishwashers are the bomb. So quiet you will forget it's on.
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- serious dehydrator ("dry it" dehydrators are great if you want an electric version)
- california cooler

I would consider a dedicated plastic-wrap dispenser to be a waste of money because I haven't used plastic wrap since I was a kid. Where I live, there's a neverending supply of containers I can use (yogurt containers, peanut butter jars, etc) that come with reusable lids. Costs less and is better for the environment.
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When we redid our kitchen about 10 years ago, we went with a commercial refrigerator, Traulsen and a commercial stove Imperial. We have three kids who were at the time preteen. They ate a lot. The commercial refrigerator was a huge bonus. We could fit cases of water, gallons of milk, cakes, everything at Thanksgiving, etc. We put the condenser in the basement below the kitchen. It was silent. The stove has a griddle and 6 burners putting out more btu's than anything available residentially. I strongly recommend you consider commercial products, restaurant products, if they meet code.

We have a Fischer Pakel two drawer dish washer which I like, but it is not da bomb.
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Best answer: We bought a Miele dishwasher when we redid appliances in our last house because it had a third rack dedicated entirely to cutlery and it is absurd how happy that made me. Packing lots of dishes, pots, pans, etc into the bottom rack is a lot easier when you're not trying to fit them around a cutlery basket, and I think knives and stuff with muck still on them get cleaner this way. We'd get it again. (My SIL has the same one and has for several years, and hers still runs fantastically, so no concerns about longevity)
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Best answer: Nur Miele, Miele sagte Tante, die alle Waschmaschine kannte. German for stick to Miele for laundry machines and dishwashers if you can afford the here and now price tag: on the long term, it will pay back several times. I've tested it and it's true. I have a dishwasher and a washing machine that are both close to 20 years old, and in that perspective they are not at all expensive. (I've had other laundry machines/dishwashers in second homes and rented temporary homes and they were utter failures compared to the Mieles)
Not so sure about their other stuff, I've been disappointed with a Miele vacuum cleaner, and while I haven't personally tried either a commercial stove or a Miele stove, I think if I could change my current Whirlpool stove it would be to a commercial one.
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Best answer: In case you haven't seen it, various indepth reviews here. I agree with potrzebie about the Bosch dishwashers (and many models come with the third rack that makes olinerd so happy).
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The thing that's a waste of money for item-specific storage is if it's special storage for an item you don't actually use (but maybe feel like you should). For example this lifter for a Kitchenaid is great ifyou actuall yhave a kitchen aid which you use frequently enough to dedicate space for it in a cabinet that's centrally located in prime work surface real-estate area you'd want to actually use the mixer in. So I didn't. But other people might. Thus my warning, only make custom storage for stuff you really want to take advantage of frequently. Custom-purpose storage is not, generally, an efficient use of space. A plastic wrap dispenser takes more space than keeping your wraps on a convenient rack. Not saying you shouldn't, but just prioritize the things you really want, and think of the opportunity cost in cubic inches, not dollars.
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I'd like to do panel-covered appliances if I have an opportunity to design a new kitchen again one day. Martha Stewart style. Quartz counters seem to be the biggest counter top now, and they are nice looking and low maintenance. But I personally love soapstone counters. Maybe with a copper sink .... yessssss. And speaking of dishwashers, how about getting two?
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Best answer: Drawers, drawers, drawers! If it's not too late in your cabinetry plans, make all lower cabinets into drawer units. We put in an enormous island with drawer banks flanking a traditional base cabinet, for symmetry, and if I had to do it over again that cabinet would be drawers.
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Small appliances are the bomb.

A Cuisinart food processor. I have one similar to this and while I do not use it daily I love it and find it indispensable.

I have this isometric tea kettle. When I got it I thought it would be a frivolous purchase, but I use it literally all the time. If you're tea drinkers or have frequent guests who are, get one. If not, then it would be frivolous.

A dehydrator is great, as mentioned above. A blender on a stick likewise.

If I were going to splurge on something, I would probably get a high end rice cooker. I can't recommend one because I have a cheapass Aroma rice cooker, but the Zojirushi ones make me drool.
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Two dishwashers. Seriously.
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Best answer: Pull-out cutting board directly under the microwave enclosure. So you have somewhere to set down the overheated ceramic bowl before dropping it on the floor.

On appliances: avoid anything with electronics - it'll last longer.
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The Wolf Dual Fuel Range is pretty amazing. Love getting to cook with gas on the burners and electric in the oven.
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If you guys are avid bakers I've always liked the Pioneer Woman/Ree Drummonds glass front flour and sugar drawers.
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Dual ovens.
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Ovens are great if you're baking large quantities of food, but if you're only baking, say, a single loaf of bread at a time, consider a toaster oven.
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Best answer: Built-in drying rack in the cabinet above the sink. We have one with a tray for catching water underneath (due to spot lights), but there are others with an open bottom. Neat and functional.
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Response by poster: Love it--keep 'em coming!

Other notes--this is a small house, so we can't really go with the 6-burner stove. We'd love it, but we just don't have the space--the whole house is only 12 feet wide and 1000 square feet. Same with the fridge. There are only two of us in the house most of the time, though we do like to make large dinners for guests. We will also have a nice outdoor grilling area. Oh, and the kitchen is immediately visible upon entering the house, and always within view of the living room, so we want good-looking stuff, too.
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Best answer: What I have that I got a year-ish ago:

- Bosch dishwasher - very quiet, good cleaning, has held up very well.
- Bosch in-wall oven and microwave. An in-wall oven has been great. I'd take it again and again over a standard oven/range. Also the microwave can do convection baking and even broiling if you're prepping a big meal. But if they layout says you need a range, so be it. Based on the quality of the oven I would definitely consider a Bosch range.

We also have a baking drawer although it's not fancy glass-front flour drawers like the link above. But a dedicated deep drawer full of Sistema storage bins mean that you pull the drawer open, pop everything you need out, do your measuring and then pop everything away again. It's really great.
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Best answer: Drawers, drawers, drawers! If it's not too late in your cabinetry plans, make all lower cabinets into drawer units.

We re-did our cabinets with basically all drawers and yes, do this. Lower cabinets suck. We only have lower cabinets under the sink and in the blind corner. And if you have a blind corner get THE CLOUD which is the best blind corner shelf solution I've ever seen.
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Best answer: Make one of the lower cabinets a pull-out deal with space for the trash can and recycling bin. Plan a space for your spices - either a drawer devoted to spices with a custom organizer or, more likely in a small kitchen, a spice organizer attached to the inside door of an upper cabinet. You can also get a little drawer for kitchen sponges made under the sink. I'm not explains that well, but your cabinet maker will know what this is. In a small space, I also think it's nice for any windows to have a deep ledge. Then your kitchen window will have a nice display space or plant space.
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Best answer: I redid my kitchen a while back. Under cabinet lighting yes. I also have a standard strip light with 3 aim-able spotlights, and it's good for illuminating work areas. I more than tripled the light in the kitchen and it's great. Stove vent that vents to the outdoors. I like my gas (propane) stove, but wish it had the grates that go all the way across the top. And I had a medium--size shelving unit on casters already, which fits under the breakfast bar, and holds the blender, crockpot, food processor, etc, for easy access, and it provides extra counter space for occasional use, like a friend coming over for a cooking project.
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Oh as far as washer, dryer and fridge goes, we got LG for everything. This LG model is the Sweethome's current pick. I think we have an older version of the same model and it is AMAZING. Very fast, cleans clothes well, huge capacity. We had AEG european units before which were great but were much smaller. We never realized how small they were until we got these beasts. On the flip side, if you don't have kids consider getting 24" Euro-style washer and dryer and then putting them under a counter inside somewhere. Having real counter space over the washer/dryer is really great. In a previous house when we had a larger kitchen we put the washer & dryer right in the kitchen and it was actually really convenient.
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Best answer: +++ drawers
+++ commercial grade stove + vent

Seriously consider where you want your trash to live. Some folks prefer it out, some want it hidden, but you definitely want to have a dedicated spot for it.

If you are more of a 'cook in large batch' family, seriously consider a counter depth fridge, and then a chest freezer in a second location; give you some kitchen space, while maximizing storage.

Vertical cutting board & cookie sheet storage is really nice.
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Best answer: I've always be interested in a range hood with a remote or external exhaust blower. Much less noise when you're cooking.
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My wish list items are a BlueStar cooktop (not a range; I want the 36" one but you'd probably just want the 30"), pot storage directly underneath it, and a chest height oven. I also really liked having a browning microwave before moving into an apartment with a built-in regular microwave, so if I were buying a new one I'd look for that feature again. I'm buying a Bosch dishwasher as soon as our current Renovator Special gives up the ghost, which always sounds like it's about to happen but somehow hasn't, yet.

Also I like the fridges where you can actually reposition the shelves into something useful. Our house came with not one but two fridges, both of which have one shelf that can be repositioned, and the difference between the positions isn't actually big enough to be useful.
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We'd love it, but we just don't have the space--the whole house is only 12 feet wide and 1000 square feet.
Oh - then it's a whole different question, isn't it? You need to prioritize, and that depends on your cooking habits.
A couple of years ago, I had to give up my 20 year old food processor. Even as I loved it, it was failing too often. I replaced it with a KitchenAid stand mixer and a Bamix immersion blender, because someone gifted me the KitchenAid and I needed to save space. I really really love my KitchenAid and it has changed my habits. BUT, I also miss my food processor. And I can't have both in my limited space. Today I bake a lot more, which is good for my purse, but I do a lot less creamed soups, purees and pates including hummus, which is maybe not so good for my health. And the juicer on my food processor was easier to use and clean, so I juice a lot less now. Theoretically, I can do all the same stuff with the KitchenAid and the Bamix, but some of the processes have become way too complicated.
I would love a rice cooker, but I feel it would take up too much space, and I have a stovetop pressure cooker rather than an electric one, because it it double-functions as a normal pot. This is about my personal habits: I suggest you have a good talk about your personal habits and priorities before buying anything. The worst is expensive stuff taking up space, because one is often reluctant to get rid of it, given the cost.
For slow-cooking, a ceramic or cast iron lidded pot in the oven is both cheaper and serves more purposes than a slow cooker.
IMO a microwave is a waste of space, but again, that depends on your habits and schedule.
I've bought and then given away a multitude of toasters and toaster ovens, and today I have an iron griddle on my stovetop and a heavy weight to put on steaks and sandwiches if necessary. I can use the griddle turned over as a pizza stone if needed.
Looking at my fridge/freezer, it's dimensioned for just two of us living here, using the freezer a lot for batch cooking and other money saving stuff. I love entertaining, but if I do, I get products delivered the same day, so I don't need fridge space. So we have an almost tiny fridge and a freezer that is a bit larger than one would think, both built in the cabinets.
Entertaining a lot means I use a lot of space for plenty of flatware etc. I can serve about 30 people here. If you take out that, you can have more appliances.
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Another post to underline the recommendation for drawers drawers drawers. Full extension drawers. This recommendation can't be emphasized enough.

I also love our two-drawer dish-washer which gives you two dish washers in the space of one regular washer. I wish more companies offered this option, as ours (Fisher & Paykel) doesn't actually clean as nicely as others, but the tradeoff for convenience has been well worth it.
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Total baller move: in-counter beer tap. Two heads so you can have fizzy water out of one, and brew out of the other. If there's a good 'house beer' you can get half-kegs pretty damn inexpensively (or brew your own!)

My 'dream kitchen' would have hard-line plumbing and electrical set up for a commercial espresso machine...but that's clearly bananas.

Also, just nthing bosch dishwashers. Our old builder-grade one died recently, and we replaced it with the same model the sweethome recommends. I installed it myself, and honestly thought for a good ten minute that I had fucked up badly. That thing was so quiet in comparison to the old one.
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If you're going to have any small appliances whose "put away" place is on your countertops, like a microwave, toaster, toaster oven, coffeemaker, grinder, blender... anything that might generally live on the counter, one excellent use of space is to add 4"-6" of countertop depth. By sacrificing the floor space (only practical if you can keep the walkways clear as in NKBA guidelines ) you buy workspace on the countertop in front of the semi-permanent small-appliance storage.

That's not about appliances though. The thing is, it's kind of personal. My sister would kill anybody who tried to take away her on-the-door icemaker. I've got a freezer-on-bottom style, and I have to open the drawer and get my own darn ice, which bothers me not nearly so much as the narrow shelves of her side-by-side would. The thing with appliances is that there are very few things that are universally the right answer or universally the wrong answer.
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Go to a physical appliance store at least once or twice, try your best to dodge the sales folk working on commission, and investigate the true shape of any appliance you're thinking of buying. You may be surprised, as I was, at the places where things curve, or have odd corners, or little crevices that are obviously going to be filth-traps that you cannot see in online photos.

I ordered an entirely different refrigerator because of this.

It's also very useful to be able to pull something open and then unobtrusively lean on the door a bit to see if it flexes in worrisome ways. Same with movable shelves; it's nice to be able to grip one and see if it's going to be a rattling flimsy POS or not.

...also, if you're going to buy at a physical store you may as well pick a sales person and work with them, rather than trying to dodge them every time. You can garner useful info this way -- such as how all microwave drawers are made by one company (Sharp) so you may as well buy from them directly rather than paying extra for the nameplate of a high-end company. The appliance world is full of these types of arrangements.
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Best answer: If money really is no object, come out to the burbs and visit Bray and Scarff who have all the super premium Euro brand appliances you could dream up and will probably offer you a package deal if you go with them for all of it. The most memorable thing there for me is the uniquely sized fridges that look like part of the cabinetry. And even if you don't buy from them, it's a good place to dream shop.

(As an extra bonus, if you go to the one in Alexandria, you could swing by and say hi afterwards)
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I have a tall, thin Blomberg fridge and really like it in my small apartment kitchen. I've had it for about 8 years, and haven't had any problems. It's a little smaller than a lot of home-sized fridges but has better capacity than most apartment fridges.
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If money is no object, I agree with the recommendation of a Miele dishwasher. Bosch is nice but Miele is nicer. I have used both. If you can afford it you will not regret stepping up from Bosch to Miele.
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Best answer: We just finished a small galley kitchen remodel a few months ago. Our takeaways:

1. If you can take some dishes to the store and actually put them in the dishwasher you're looking at. We changed from Miele to a Kitchenaid because our dishes fit much better in the US style tines. It wasn't easy, because Miele's build quality was better, but usability won out.

2. It was a big splurge, but OMG we LOOOVE our paneled SubZero fridge. Tall and shallow really helped eke a few spare inches out and it makes a big difference in a small space. Food doesn't get lost in the back anymore. It's also built like a tank. Even the crisper drawers are a tactile pleasure. We looked at some ever so slightly lower priced ones like Bosch and Thermador and thought the build quality didn't come close. My hope is to keep this for 30 years instead of replace cheap fridges every 10.

3. I second the idea above to go play with the appliances at the store as much as possible. Online research and reviews only go so far.

4. We are avid cooks too and went with an open burner gas range. Downside of this is it limits you to just a few brands, but IMO you get flame more on the pan than up the sides. It's gas oven too so there is almost zero electronics to go bad. I swore I'd never shell out for another control board costing over half a whole new range.

5. Vertical storage YES. Ours is up high and out of the way. Can't tell you how happy it makes me to not have cookie sheets and cutting boards always falling over in half-baked half-solutions.

6. Knobs and pulls can drive you crazy, but it's worth spending significant time making sure you don't scrape your knuckles opening drawers or catch clothing on handles. A friend of mine clued me in that he'd ripped multiple shorts/pants on their spec drawer handles.
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Some friends have a wonderful feature in a wall of cabinets (without the counter), some of the cabinet doors fold forward and become a flat surface. There's an outlet inside the cabinet, so you can have a blender or something like that and just work with it right there.
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Bosch 800 series dishwasher owner here and it's amazing.

Samsung 25cuft. fridge purchased last year and it's very good.

Would absolutely recommend a high end Wolf or Miele stove if you could afford it. Well outside of my price range, but I have friends that splurged on those and they're worth every penny, especially if you entertain.

Unrelated to kitchens, but we have a new Miele C3 Dog+Cat canister vac and it is simply the best appliance purchase I have ever made. It was stupid expensive, but I would never recommend anything else. Very compact, very lightweight, extremely versatile, quiet, and damn does this sucker clean EVERYTHING. Related: I understand from multiple sources that the Miele all-in-one vacs leave much to be desired and are generally not recommended.
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We redid our kitchen 3 years ago, and our kitchen is much larger than yours. But, for a refrigerator, go with something shallow/counter depth.

We have separate Electrolux refrigerator and freezer units (19 ft^3 each). Prior to this we had a 32 ft^3 Samsung that we HATED. It was too deep, and stuck out into the kitchen. We could not see stuff in the back. Counter Depth Refrigerator!

You mention a gas stove. I would strongly recommend that you look at induction. It has the power and control of gas, with the cleanability of a smoothtop electric. It is more efficient than both. Induction is becoming more popular and the price is coming down. Make sure you see a demo of induction.

Our oven, cooktop, dishwasher and microwave/speed oven are all Jennair.

the Dishwasher has 3 racks, and we removed it to fit taller items in the upper rack. The upper rack is even adjustable (up and down, and we still needed the 3rd rack removed for how we use the unit). The difference between 44db and 40db sound levels is dramatic. We have the 40db unit and cannot tell that it is running without looking for the light on the front panel. Go for the quietest unit you can get.

Our Microwave is called a Speed Oven because it is a microwave and a convection oven in one. There is a complete heating element in the unit. There are a ton of programs to cook food, and the results are excellent. If you are familiar with the Pilsbury cinnamon rolls from the store, these are done perfectly in 5 minutes. Our experience with a conventional oven was always dry/overcooked on the bottom, and it would take 20 minutes. We use this unit as a microwave 90% of the time. There are other speed ovens that use steam (Miele), and they are expensive. The Whirlpool Advantium uses Halogen lights to heat, and these are even faster (in the 240v version) - panasonic makes a counter top version.

There are a couple appliance stores with good online presence:
AJ Madison - lots of different manufacturers- great for research.
Yale Appliance and Lighting - They have a blog with very good information.

If you are using a contractor, ask them if they can get you contractor pricing from any stores, or on any brands.
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My vintage 1940s-ish kitchen has a pull-down cookbook holder which is an excellent counter-space-saving device.
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Get yourself a Hoshizaki ice maker. Every BigLaw firm I have ever proofread for has one in the breakroom. Why? Because they make amazing ice, ice that is amazing even (or especially) to chew on.
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Also, my office moved into new digs recently and there is a Grohe Blue under sink seltzer thing. It is connected to the water line, and makes seltzer. MUCH better than a SodaStream.
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Love our Miele dishwasher and washer/dryer. They are almost 20 years old now!
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Best answer: I don't know what brand to recommend, but the kitchen thing I really wish for is a really effective vent hood for the stove. One that covers the whole stove, not just the back half, and one with strong enough suction to actually pull any smoke up and away. If money were no object (and I weren't renting), that would be the first thing I'd look into. Being able to sear a steak without filling up the kitchen with smoke would increase my kitchen enjoyment so much.
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Nthing dual fuel range, miss mine so much.

Also - trash compactor.
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Best answer: My house is only slightly bigger than yours. When my wife and I reno'd it, we completely redid the kitchen. The one thing we did that has given us the most bang for the buck is a 5'-long kitchen island that is topped with a maple butcher block, built to a custom height; the storage space underneath it has no doors, and it's where all the cookware goes, so everything is more easily accessible. The open side faces away from the rest of the house, so it's not a cosmetic issue (it's also where the microwave wound up, for lack of a better spot). Having a cutting board that's about 15 square feet is great.

We don't have much in the way of fancy gadgets, although we do have a nice stand mixer, and recently got a pressure cooker that's been interesting to experiment with.

One thing we did not get quite right (and were pressed for space on) is storage for cookie sheets and cooling racks. We've got a 9" section of the lower cabinets behind a door that they're all jammed into. It's not ideal.
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Dual fuel double oven range. The footprint is the same as a regular stove. Top burners are gas and many of them have five burners. Ovens are electric/convection. The small "pizza" oven on top will be used 90% of the time, but I can cook a huge family dinner using both. My microwave also has a convection mode, so the combination of the three could actually fit SEVEN casserole dishes. Like this. Mine is exactly like this, and while I'm not happy with ALL the features of the Kitchenaide, I do love the basics of the model.
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I did a full kitchen gut and remodel 7 years ago. Put in a trash compactor. You'll be surprised at how much you love it. Another nice touch is a Broan downdraft behind your cooktop. If you want to keep your kitchen wide open, the downdraft is the way to go. Definitely double convection ovens, and I agree about the Bosch dishwashers. I recently saw in a new construction home two refrigerators with bottom freezers side by side. Doors opened out from the center.

i didn't go with the super high end appliances for one simple reason. I live in the boonies and getting a service person meant they had to drive 250 miles from Seattle to my side of the state, while I could get service fairly easily (if needed) locally.

Finally, it is a little thing, but I had all of my window sills covered with the granite I used on the counters. Since my remodel was actually a family room/dining/and kitchen it gave people a place to put drinks on without any chance of ruining them.

Have fun!
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Best answer: Cabinet above the fridge to hold baking pans vertically and cutting boards horizontally. Ours has a shelf about 6" above the bottom and cutting boards go flat on that and then we put wire dividers on the shelf to store baking pans vertically. We used ikea everything. It's relatively underused space and it's perfectly suited for these items that are a pain elsewhere.

It didn't work in our kitchen, but another kitchen I know used about 6" that was a gap space next to the fridge to make a cabinet for their broom, mop, etc.

Yes, absolutely to all lower drawers.
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When our house was built 4 years ago, they installed GE appliances (stove, over the stove microwave, fridge, dish washer).
Don't get GE.
The dishwasher is the worst. It's loud, requires frequent cleaning, the racks are wearing out (rusting through), the baskets stink, and it only washes well if you turn off all the eco controls.
The microwave has throttled features that are obviously so and my 9 year old son easily tore off the plastic handle. The replacement handle cost 30% as much as an equivalent replacement unit. I 3D printed replacement parts instead.
The fridge drawers don't operate smoothly and one broke early on; the ice maker ended up shitting super cooled water down the inside back off the unit creating a mini-glacier.
The stove is OK. Just OK.
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Response by poster: Thanks, all. The cabinet folks are coming to measure Friday, so we still have an opportunity to add features. We've been appliance shopping for a while, Bray and Scarff and Reico, but also Home Depot and Lowes--we'll probably get the top-of-the-line stuff at Lowes instead of the bottom-of-the-line stuff at B&S. Also, you've helped give us the courage of our convictions--I've been in love with Bosch dishwashers ever since I tried to figure out how to turn one on at a friend's house; turns out it was already on, but I couldn't hear it, standing right next to it.
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Neat inside corner storage
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That's the Rev-a-Shelf "Cloud" that I linked above. And it is really great.
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Response by poster: Follow up: I said "we'll probably get the top-of-the-line stuff at Lowes instead of the bottom-of-the-line stuff at B&S." In fact, we did the opposite. We tried ordering from Lowe's, but their inventory and delivery system is a total mess--they didn't have things in stock, tried to deliver a defective fridge, then returned at some random time when I was at work to re-deliver. We cancelled everything and went to Bray & Scarff and had a fantastic experience. We've now been kitchenless for a month, but countertops are being installed today!
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