What is the purpose of a "leave this site now" button on a website?
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In the header of the PFLAG website, there is a very prominent link with the text "leave this site now" that takes you to Google. Why is it there? I've never seen something like this before and I wonder if it has some sort of accessibility purpose?
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It's the OH SHIT MY PARENTS/FRIENDS/CLASSMATES/COWORKERS MIGHT SEE I'M LOOKING AT A GAY WEBSITE NOTHING TO SEE HERE MOVE ALONG panic button. (For people who haven't got the chops to keep two tabs open at once or who are browsing on a mobile browser where tabs are hard.)
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It's the "get me out" button, in case someone who may judge you or punish you sees your screen. You also see it on domestic violence websites.
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I remember more than 30 years ago hearing about computer games that had a "supervisor key" that would save the game and pop up something innocuous on the screen. I think a spreadsheet was the example given. I never saw one myself.
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Bruce H., you are thinking of the boss key which I first saw on Wolfenstein 3D and have always thought was a good idea.
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