Strange keyboard woes
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Can you help me diagnose this weird problem that may involve my laptop's keyboard software?

I'm having a funny issue with keyboard on a Windows 10 laptop. Every so often after a few hours of use, certain buttons no longer work when pressed ('c' and 'h' are big offenders), even though I'm sure that the physical keyboard is mechanically sound--I've tried to use external keyboards, etc., with the same result. The problem seems to go away when the laptop is restarted. I've tried to reinstall drivers without much result. Why is this happening to me, and how can I make it stop?
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My wife had this exact same problems on a previous laptop---her 'c' and 'h' keys would stop working after some amount of time using her laptop, and restarting it would solve the problem.

It turned out to be some spyware-type junk on her computer. I was inspired to clean up her system as much as I could, and her issue with the keyboard went away for good at the same time. Not sure what the actual culprit was, though.
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