Generate Pretty Reports Online?
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Is there some off the shelf system that will: 1. Allow someone to input a series of numbers online 2. Pass that group of numbers to a series of formulae to produce a series of results, and plot those results on a graph 3. Output those results and the graphs in a pretty report for the person inputting the numbers

Failing there being an off-the-shelf solution, I feel like this would be a pretty easy task for someone to code up, but it's beyond my abilities to make it and make it robust. Where would I best go finding someone to put it together?
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Tableau might be a good place to start.
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Best answer: If none of this needs to be very high volume, you could probably run in either using Google Sheets formulas, or an app written on top of Google Sheets.
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Response by poster: There's not likely to be more than a couple dozen a day.
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Google Data Studio
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Response by poster: no API for Data Studio, unfortunately.
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Plain old Excel?
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Well, years ago I used to do a good bit of PHP on a Linux Web host, but I am rusty now. I would think a PHP data entry app with an option for line graphs using the FPDF system would allow a user to download/view/print a PDF. Of course I don't know how complicated your "series of formulae" are. Do you have any contacts with academic institutions where CS students might be available? Just a thought, FWIW.
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For help coding a solution, ask around open data and civic hacking groups.
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Response by poster: The formulae are trivial, literally input A / input B.
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Response by poster: FWIW, I think I can roll a solution from Google Forms -> Google Sheets -> Google Docs using Google Apps Script.
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