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I am a member of a ~20 person committee composed of members from around the United States. We will be selecting destinations for our 2018 face-to-face meetings fairly soon and I want to show up with some awesome suggestions. Meetings are in March and June and must take place in the continental United States. Help me come up with some new ideas for locations!

A previous committee member was Really Good at coming up with great places, however, that person has rotated out of the group. People typically like to pick spots that they can combine with a nice vacation, since they have to travel anyway. Attendees are scattered throughout the country.

In the past, the March meetings have taken place at spa/resort type places (previous meetings in San Diego CA, Phoenix AZ, and Santa Fe NM) and the June meetings at outdoor/scenic places with reasonable weather (previous meetings in Whitefish MT, Jackson WY, and Coeur D'Alene ID).

I'd love to suggest some places more on the eastern side of the country, but I don't have much knowledge of the area.
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Asheville, NC
St. Augustine, FL
Key West, FL
Charleston, SC
Savannah, GA
Providence, RI
Nashville, TN
Richmond, VA
Buffalo, NY
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How far from a major airport are you allowed to stray? You could look at colleges with conference space along the eastern mountains or Blueridge parkway, but they're a bit of a drive from the airports. Someplace like the Finger Lakes might be nice for the June meeting. You can also take a look at ski resorts for that one - some stay open for summer programs (but have the same distance from the airport problem).
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Some ideas for scenic June meetings:

- This year my team had its retreat in Breckenridge, at a ski house in the summertime. It was really lovely - some folks went for a hike one day (well, as much as they could at that altitude!), we took the gondola up the mountain, the downtown has a lot of nice shops and restaurants. I would think any ski town would be lovely for the June time frame. One big benefit of Colorado is that it's in the middle(ish) of the country so flights are reasonable from most American cities.

- Asilomar, in Monterey, CA, is my favorite place for work meetings (it's a conference center in a state park). The location is gorgeous (right on the ocean, in the woods). It definitely has more of a rustic feel, though the rooms are typical hotel-type rooms (this one would also work for March).

- For the east coast, there are a lot of large vacation rentals that would be big enough for 20 people in Maine and Vermont - if you can't find one big enough, you could rent a few different units in one ski village townhouse development.
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San Antonio, TX!
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This place on Beaver Lake in Arkansas is very relaxing and has great views. I was up there when it was still a private residence, so I can't speak to the service or anything, but it's a really neat building with nice grounds.
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