Help me navigate coaching for adult ADD
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My therapist recently suggested I try getting an ADD coach to help with my chronic procrastination issues. Looking for general tips on navigating the process and/or specific recommendations for coaches (either in the Seattle area or available to coach remotely via phone/Skype/whatever.)

Since I am already seeing a psychiatrist and therapist for depression/anxiety, I don't need someone who can prescribe medication or anything like that--just someone who can prod me into learning some better coping skills. I talked to someone from Expert ADHD Coaching, which seems like a plausible option, but the whole operation has kind of an off-putting infomercial vibe to it and I'd like to explore alternatives.
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Coach Viv - I know her socially so I can't say anything about her coaching services, but she is a joyful and compassionate person.
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The therapist finder tool on psychology today is usually a good resource, and you can cross-reference with Yelp.
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I attended a training by MaryDee Sklar and found it quite useful for me personally and in my work with clients.
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I offer remote coaching for Adult ADHD. MeMail me if you are interested.
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Don Baker's ADHD support groups (and individual counseling/coaching sessions) were super helpful for me shortly after being diagnosed. He tends to draw from a lot of sources and made me aware of a lot of resources for figuring out solutions that worked for me; also he's right here in Seattle off Westlake.

I didn't think group sessions would be my thing, but it was great hearing things from other people's perspectives who were in the same boat as I was.
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