Trying to remember the name of a book about a game that turns dark.
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This was a book I heard reviewed a few years ago. The protagonist is initiated into some kind of psychological game, maybe as part of hazing at college. It is initially innocent, but every time it seems that the game has ended it turns out there is another layer. Years go by, people go crazy and die, driven mad by the game. Ring any bells?
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It's not really about a "game", but maybe you're thinking about The Secret History by Donna Tartt? Does have some of the same elements.
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Or maybe Black Chalk, which was reviewed on NPR.
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Ender's Game. (For very, very loose interpretations of "college" and "innocent". And with the stipulation that the author makes this, at best, an exercise in "how to be a fan of problematic things".)
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Maybe The Rule of Four?
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It's very definitely The Secret History by Donna Tartt, one of my favourite books ever.

I'm answering both to back up sprezzy and because, in the unlikely event we're wrong, I want to read the book in the correct answer!
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I'm positive it's Black Chalk. It's exactly as you describe and is of the right vintage.
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The Quorum by Kim Newman?
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My first thought was that it absolutely has to be Black Chalk, but it also sounds a bit like Will Lavender's Dominance.
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