Pack it up, pack it in, let someone else begin...
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Does anyone have a recommendation for a packer/organizer in Washington, DC who could help pack up for a move on very short notice?

I am moving in a little over a week. I am sooooooooo behind on packing and am slow and I hate it. Does anyone have recommendations for a professional organizer who does packing services in the DC area? I'd love to purge as I pack. Or just packers in a pinch. I am not looking for full-service movers as I have other arrangements on the actual moving end.

Also, any any sense on ballpark of what cost might be? I'm in a studio apartment, but have been here for years. I am not the most organized person but am not at hoarder status, either. I have a maid service come in once a month, but also have things shoved and piled willy nilly in closets... I'm guessing it is about a day or so of focused work for someone who is actually efficient at packing.
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For this kind of one-off job, TaskRabbit would be a simple way of finding someone; cost would somewhere around $50+ an hour, but you can get a more precise estimate on the site in a few minutes.
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Bookstore movers. Though I haven’t used them myself, I’ve never heard a bad review about these people.
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I used Hire a Helper to find someone to do that. I found the website at 11pm and had two guys in my apartment at 9am.
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Do you have any friends who are really into sorting things? (By which I mean, know any librarians?)

I ask because I am one of those people, and if a friend was like "Yo Jenn, can you help me move? You don't have to pick up anything heavy, just make things go in the right boxes and label them accordingly", I would be ALL OVER THAT.

P.S. Your MeFi handle is amazing, wot wot.
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Bookstore movers. Though I haven’t used them myself, I’ve never heard a bad review about these people.

They are excellent and packed a friend's apartment. I unfortunately can't give you a price range (my move was $150/hr with them but I did not use packing services) but they will quote you a price and usually respond to quote requests within an hour.
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Nthing Bookstore Movers.
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