What should I know about going to the MotoGP race at Motegi, Japan?
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My father has decided he wants to attend the MotoGP round at the Twin Ring Motegi track in Japan. The event is Oct 12-15 or so, and he's going to bring me along. I speak and read Japanese, but I've never been to a MotoGP race anywhere, and I've never been to a motorsports event in Japan. I'm also unfamiliar with the Tochigi/Ibaraki area. What should I be considering as I plan the trip?

I'm not sure what the accommodation situation is around Motegi, but they've hosted MotoGP many times before so I assume there's someplace to put the tens of thousands of racing fans despite Motegi's apparent doinaka-ness. Where should we consider staying? Mito? Elsewhere?

Also, are there any motorcycling-centric or -adjacent locations or activities I should be aware of in the area, or even on Honshu generally? It even occurred to me to see if it would be possible to arrange for some kind of motorcycle tour before or after the event, but I'm not sure if such things even exist. (We're both experienced riders, in case that's relevant.)

I'm honestly not even sure if I'm asking the right questions. I've spent some time on the Twin Ring Motegi site, and I'm going to continue doing research, but I'm very interested in some actual real-world perspectives/advice. You can assume I'm familiar and comfortable with navigating transit in Japan and possess a functional command of the language.
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I don't have any real-world experience or advice to share with you, but if you are fluent in Japanese, why not look for an online Japanese racing community to ask? They would likely be the ones who attend the races regularly, so they'd probably have all the answers to your questions.
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