Baby gift help - flannel shirt edition!
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My little cousin is turning one this weekend and I'd like to buy her a cute flannel shirt. Where can I pick one up in NYC?

My cousin really likes flannel shirts and I'd like to buy his daughter one for her birthday. She is turning one this weekend. I don't really have time to have one delivered, so I'd have to pick one up at an actual store. Can you recommend a store that has nice baby/kids clothes and could conceivably have flannel shirts? Anywhere in Manhattan/Brooklyn is good.
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Hi, not in NYC, but I am certain NYC has Levi's stores. Levi's has some really great grown-up (like proper, not cutesy/infantile) flannel shirts for babies and toddlers. (I would call ahead of time to make sure they have their baby stock in store.) I mean, would you just look at this. Your little cousin needs that shirt.
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Flannel shirts are a standard part of Osh Kosh B'Gosh and they have a bunch on sale right now (although it may be on the boys side instead of the girls if that matters). Carters also had some in clearance when I went a few days ago. There is an Osh Kosh store in Harlem (125th) and Brooklyn (13th Ave).
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Old Navy has some. Example 1, example 2, example 3.

Baby Gap has several options, this one is really cute!
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Seconding Baby Gap! You may want to call the store(s) and ask if they carry the size/ color you're looking for if you see one you like online. Inventory varies considerably, as I've found with my one-year-old son.
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If you are in Chelsea, Buy Buy Baby has toddler clothes (though I think they've reduced the size of their collection lately?) and Old Navy is there too
If you are in Union Square, you could go to the Children's Place (don't love the quality as much but it's easy / it'll do).
If you are near 34th St, I just discovered after ~15 years here in NYC that Macy's has 1) ridiculous wooden escalators and 2) a very large, pretty extensive baby / toddler / children's floor
If you are near Columbus Circle, the Time Warner Center's H&M has a pretty good toddler selection too, I just got a flannel shirt there for my kid
eta If you are in Midtown / 5th Avenue, the Uniqlo there is the one that has the big children's collection I think, not the Herald Sq location
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