Adapter for electric piano pedal cables
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Is there an adapter/splitter for 1/4 RCA cables?

I have a Yamaha Piaggero NP31 76-key electric piano. It has a female 1/4" RCA connector in the back for a pedal.

I now also have an M-Audio SP-Triple soft/sostenuto/sustain pedal. It has three 1/4" RCA male plugs.

Is there an adapter/splitter cable that has a 1/4" RCA male plug that splits into three 1/4" RCA female connectors? My Google-fu has let me down. The only thing remotely like it has a 3/5" male mini plug, and that's not going to work. What do y'all reckon?

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What are you trying to do? You should be able to plug a single 1/4" male into your keyboard and get one of the three pedals to control the sustain. The other two aren't needed by your keyboard and it doesn't support a three pedal setup.
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Yeah, mattamatic is right: the Yamaha only will play nice with one pedal, so you plug from the Yamaha to the right socket on the pedal, which is the one that goes to sustan. You may experiment with plugging it in to the others, something interesting may happen, but it definitely will not perform as you want if you merge all three in to one (which could in principle be done, by the way).

A few notes on terminology, that might help you with related research and questions: that Yamaha is what we'd call a "digital piano", as "electric piano" usually means an electromechanical thing like a Wurlitzer or Fender Rhodes.

Those plugs and sockets are not RCA, they are 1/4" phone connectors , sometimes called "audio jack". I was about to say "phono plug" too, but wikipedia tells me that is deprecated, as it is used to refer to RCA (confusing isn't it?).
Fun fact: this phone jack dates from about 1878, and is probably one of the oldest such standards still in use.
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Keep in mind: different manufacturers build their keyboards/pedals differently, so your sustain pedal may work as expected (push down to produce sustain) or it might produce sustain until you push it down. I'd be interested in hearing which one it turns out to be.
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Well, bugger. I'll have to try it and see what happens. The pedal that came with the keyboard is crap, so I was gonna try and be all swaggy. Dammit.

Maybe I can swap this out for a single sustain pedal with the seller.

Thanks, all.
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