Where to buy quality clip-on flip-up sunglasses in Portland, Or?
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Just like it says, I need a good pair of clip on sunglasses for my everyday glasses, the ability to "flip up" is also required. I would like to purchase these in a brick and mortar store if at all possible, bonus points if the place can custom fit them to my existing glasses. Thank you!
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Um, forgot to add, I'm in my late 20's and am hoping that in this day and age there are clip on glasses that don't make me look tooooo old. Brownie points for sleeker designs.
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I have historically had clip-ons made by the same people who make my glasses. Any good optometrist should be able to special order a sunglass clip to fit your glasses perfectly. I don't recommend going to chains for this.
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Just coming to say that I want this too. I have found the ones (retail) that fasten to your glasses that _don't_ flip up. They are heavy enough that they annoy me, but they are good for driving short distances. I wish they were super large, though, so that they blocked more peripheral light.

I don't really care that they fit my glasses exactly or that they look non-dorky.

FWIW, when I bought glasses last year, I was told that it was becoming less common for glasses manufacturers to create the custom sunglass covers, so buying at a chain was my best option as far as I could discern.
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I believe Warby Parker sells them. Not a ton of models and I'm not sure of the clipping mechanism, but I remember seeing some flip-ups. There is a brick and mortar location on NW 23rd Street, but you can of course also check their website.
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As of about a year ago, the Myoptic on N Williams sold custom-fit clip-on sunglasses. They had basic shapes in stock, which they then sent out to be optimized for your existing frames. Took about a week, as I recall, and they were maybe $120. I'm almost positive they had flip-up options, though ms mumkin didn't opt for flippiness. I've had consistently good service from the folks at Myoptic, fwiw. Not inexpensive, but then, they're your eyes.
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Walmart sells them. Polarized plastic lenses, rubber-tipped, metal clips, very durable, and quite inexpensive (I seem to remember $5 - $10). I get large ones and cut them to fit my glasses - full size for outdoors, upper 2/3 of my glasses lenses for driving. Leave the edge overlapping a smidge so you can catch it with your thumb to flip them up. They're all the sunglasses I've worn for years, on water, snow, & at the beach, and they're cheap enough to leave spares anywhere you might get caught without. (Not meaning to sound like a pitchman! I have no connection to the maker or the vendor).
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I happened to be up in NW earlier and checked out Warby Parker, but they don't have the clip on anymore. I'll check out Myoptic the next time I'm in the area. Thank you all for the suggestions, please keep em coming!
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You can't get them in a physical store, but eClips clip-ons are extremely high quality, and can be custom made for any frames.
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