Want to throw a little money at it: Democrat edition
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Have you figured out the best place(s) to give your $ now to try to shift the balance of power in WDC?

Moveon, DCCC, and other organizations are asking for $ each time they email me which is multiple times a day. Assume I'm already signing petitions (doesn't do much but can't hurt), calling my reps, writing postcards. I also want to make sure I'm as effective as possible when I donate towards shifting the balance of power in the next election, and/or towards influencing people now working for us (!) on the hill.

I'm not rich and want to keep up my current donations to other charities (like Partners in Health), so I can't just give a meaningful amount to everyone.

Is it better to give a small amount to every Democrat-based organization? I would rather figure out which is the most effective and give to them.
Thanks for your knowledge and insight.
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I don't know what's best, but I've been making my donations directly to Bernie and Liz Warren since they seem to be the most viable progressives at the moment.
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Since the press is so under attack, I think donating to orgs that work to protect journalists/freedom of the press is a good way to go. The Committee to Protect Journalists is one I know of--that's the one Meryl Streep said she supports in her award speech.
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I'd also look into the special elections happening to try to get and KEEP as many dems in office as possible, even at the state level (and city level). Stephanie Hansen (D) just won the Delaware state senate seat.
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I would look locally, especially in purple, flippable districts or state houses. The Democratic bench is far too shallow, and small donations are much more meaningful and potentially gamechanging to local candidates and community activists. State politics matter, not just for local change but as a cauldron for the development of future Congresspersons, Senators, and Presidents.
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"all politics is local" - to make a difference, your dollar will go much farther with a local candidate. Get engaged with your local party, get to know who is pulling the strings, and see if you can influence that. It takes time and commitment, but that's how change is made, not just with $5 donations.
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Dems are doing so poorly partially because they have not thrown resources at developing candidates. Today's county commissioners are tomorrow's senators. Give to your state or county party.
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EMILY'S List was developed specifically to get pro-choice Democratic women elected to office. The name comes from the phrase "Early Money is Like Yeast" and they try to smart about creating opportunities and jump starting campaigns that have a chance of success. As a bonus, you have people with (I presume) similar values doing the research. It is limited women but it is a good cause to add to the mix.
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Personally, I think the key is fixing the voter laws that have unfairly preventing so many minorities, poor and disenfranchised people from voting. From what I can gather (and I am not an expert) the erosion of early voting and people being wrongly labeled as felons, etc. prevented a lot of Democratic votes that could've affected the election. I actually don't know what the best organizations there are fighting for this, but it's definitely something I have been meaning to dig into. I think it has to be a combination of legal work, legislative work and political work.
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I am buying digital subscriptions to my local newspaper and the NYTimes.com. They need the $ to provide real news.
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