tabs in firefox have shrunk, how do I fix it?
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I was trying to type a password into a password field in Firefox [51.0.1, Windows 7], and for some reason FF wouldn't let me type in the field. Suddenly, all my tabs shrunk from what they were, where I could see the first part of the web page title, to only being able to see the icons. How do I fix it back? Link to image in Extended.

Here's an image of the problem.

I have searched in Settings, I've checked Google and the Mozilla help files, and I can't find an answer. It's possible I'm using the wrong search terms, I guess?
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Best answer: Are you using the Colorful Tabs add-on? If so hit alt+shift+g, or right click on a tab, go down to ColorfulTabs and deselect Mini-Mode.
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Response by poster: Yes I am, and THANK YOU, it worked! I guess somehow my alt key got held down while I was typing in my password.
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