Does there exist a two way microphone for bicycles?
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I am looking for a two way microphone/earpiece set for bicycle riding. Frequently when riding with a friend we can't hear each other for long distances because it isn't always possible or safe to ride side-by-side. I know motorcycle helmets can be equipped with headsets. I was wondering if something similar is possible for bikes. And if so what are some experiences, good or bad, with them.
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Something like this? It does a good breakdown of cycling intercom types.
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As one part of lmfsilva's link mentioned, could you get a walkie-talkie set? Many modern radios can be set for voice activation, so you can just talk to it, instead of pushing the transmit button. Clipping one near your shoulder, or using a compatible headset/earpiece sounds like it might fit what you're looking for.
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