Family Law Lawyer in Southwest Washington?
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Asking for a friend: do you know of any good family law/l / adoption lawyers in the Tri Cities in Washington State? A brief synopsis inside.

We're looking for a Kennewick area lawyer who can advise on minor emancipation.

My best friend comes from a family of eight children, an absent father, and a mother with serious mental health challenges and a history of violent delusions. Only two children remain at home with Mom, but this weekend Mom is back off track and threatening. My friend and his other older siblings tried to get her back into the hospital for treatment last night but got turned away.

They are interested in moving the two youngest siblings out of the house. One is 18, and they will subsidize a car and apartment for her. One is 16, and would need to be emancipated or adopted (I think?). Yo complicate things, my friend (and I) both live in Seattle, while the rest are based in Kennewick. Does anyone know a lawyer who could help? Thank you so much!
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I'm in no position to offer a personal recommendation, but over on reddit in /r/legaladvice, the usual recommendation here is to contact your state bar association.

Washington State Bar Assoc. offers this page for finding legal resources, one of which recommends contacting your County Bar association. Fortunately, though Tri-Cities spans Benton and Franklin Counties, they apparently have a combined Bar Association.
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Not law related, but safe places to stay a night or more. My Friend's Place is an overnight safe place - says it is for homeless, I think needing a place to be safe for the night would count.

Safe Harbor may be for younger kids, but I am not sure. Again, if home is not safe, they should let them stay there.
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The above places may also have contacts for lawyers.
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From a friend who used to do social work in the area she said "I just looked up services for at risk teens and found this agency: Adriana Hernandez is a legal assistant with the Children and Youth Project in the Kennewick Office. "

Also it occurs to me that the school counselor for the younger teen may also have some information. If the teen goes to either Kennewick high school, they are pretty large and probably have some knowledge in stuff like this.
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Thank you, everyone. I will pass this info along to my friend!
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