Brazilian lucky bracelets - where to buy in the UK?
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I'm looking to buy some very specific bracelets (in bulk - say 100 bracelets). Cotton string, comes in various colours, with a rainbow thread wound around it. I'm in the UK.

These are absolutely ubiquitous in Italy, especially in the summer - you can't throw a rock without hitting five street vendors hawking them. But I'm not in Italy and while I can find plenty of people selling them on Italian eBay, I'm unwilling to pay £5 for a set of 100 bracelets and then £20 shipping on top of that. Surely there must be somewhere online I can buy these that ships from the UK or otherwise doesn't charge me 4x the cost of the bracelets for shipping, but I have no idea what these would be called in the UK and the obvious direct-translation search terms are returning completely unrelated results. I want these specific ones. Help?

(I cannot believe I'm wasting a question on this, but. Nostalgia.)
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Try searching for Friendship Bracelets. For instance, these are similar, but not exactly the same as your example.
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As Helga-woo says, these are called friendship bracelets in the UK.

Depending how exactly you need them to be like that - a UK ebay search for wholesale friendship bracelets turns up a lot of results but none exactly like those.

OTOH, 25p per bracelet via Italian ebay seems pretty reasonable to me, even if it is annoying that that happens to be 80% postage and only 20% bracelet.
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