Mommy and Me April Fools Day
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Help me and my toddler prank my husband for April Fools Day.

Since my son was born, we have been pranking my husband on April Fools Day. How does a baby prank an adult? Let's just say it involved diapers and baby food and leave it at that.

Now that the whimsical lad is two, he can actually knowingly participate. But how? I'm asking way in advance, as I'm not against setting the stage weeks in advance for a good prank.

Any suggestions for a mommy and me prank on good ol' dad that is in *good humor* (i.e. not mean)?
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Hinting that he wants a dog/cat/lizard/Cthulhu for weeks and deciding as a parental united front on No. on April 1st tell him you caved and when he comes home (assuming he works outside the home) have toddler holding stuffed version of dog/cat/lizard.
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Kids that age are super proud of themselves for knowing how things are supposed to go, so switching it up and doing the "wrong" thing is HILARIOUS. Even something as simple as swapping the salt and pepper or making some food that looks like some other kind of food would probably be a hit (with the kid. Can't speak for your husband, of course.)
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I was sent a photo from my kid's daycare on April Fools Day of my child with (washable) pox painted all over his body. I loved that prank.
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This is speaking from memory from my kids preschool years. ...April Fools Day is toddler heaven if you let it play out on their humor level. Even if you also think of one bigger prank on Dad that you two do together, preschoolers melt with laughter saying "good night! April Fools!" for good morning or goodbye for hello, etc. Then once they get the hang of it it's nonstop riffing all day if you let it -- "This [spoon] is a fork! April Fools!" Have Dad act shocked every time. Have fun.
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Oh, or what The Elusive Architeuthis said.
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This might work better when your kid is a bit older, but: stick googly eyes on something that will startle your husband when he opens it. The pantry or fridge is a good one, but to get your toddler involved, maybe all over his spare supply of diapers? Or in a toy box your husband is sure to open that day?
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How about some classic costume like a bell fool's cap and a little wand with a fool on it? That would make for some beautiful pictures.
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Does your kid have a friend the same age who can participate? Invite them over, dress them up in your son's clothes, and "accidentally" bring the wrong kid home from daycare/play date/etc. Your kid can hide in a safe place and pop out at the right time.
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Does your kid use a potty yet? If so, you could get some plasticine and make some kind of hilarious poop / animal hybrid thing (possibly with googly eyes? and glitter?) and then put it in the potty and get your kid to claim that they just pooped this thing.

I'm pretty sure this is toddler comedy gold.
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Fill a glass half full of milk and freeze it, and offer it to dad.
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One year my family and my dad's coworkers conspired to fill both his car and his office with these paper mouths that he disliked. It's just folded paper, they were pretty easy to make. But we loved it a lot.

Also, riffing off @The Elusive Architeuthis, you could make something like mashed potato cups and disguise them as cupcakes!
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April 1 is a Saturday, so let Daddy sleep in.
Blow up a bunch of balloons.
Cut open a large trashbag so that you have large plastic sheet.
Tape the plastic sheet (with plenty of slack) to the outside of Daddy's bedroom. If the door opens into the room, this is easy. If it opens out, tape the lower part of the sheet to the top of the door and the other end of the sheet to the ceiling.
Fill the sheet with the balloons.
Toddler then calls for daddy! "Daddy I made a BIG POOP" will usually get a drowsy parent a'scramblin.
Daddy bursts through door, gets showered with balloons, kid will likely spend the rest of the day bopping balloons around.
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Oh, here's the best one we did! I bought 2 rubix cubes (little keychain ones) and messed up one and kept one perfect. Then I gave the messed up one to the toddler and had him show it to dad, saying he got it at day care (make up something, but it's important the dad sees the rubix cube for the first time as shown to him by the kid). The a little while later, switch out the cubes and have the toddler bring the completed correct cube back to dad and say, "Look!" The bafflement was amazing.
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