Just got a steamer/fryer; recipes wanted!
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I just got this Presto Multi-Cooker, intending to use it for frying small quantities of things, but I see it also claims to do SO MUCH MORE! So--- what are some awesome things I can make, now that I have this new toy?

I was mainly planning to use to for, say, frying some tempura (since I cannot get decent tempura where I am, and sometimes the jones hits me) or maybe doing a batch of hot wings, but I've never had a cooking pot like this before, and am curious to know what else it might be able to do BETTER than, say, a crockpot or a regular boring old pot on the stove or in the oven. Do you have something like this, and what do you use it for? Thank you in advance for any ideas, recipes, suggestions!
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Best answer: Deep fried Cornish game hen is what I would try first, then maybe tamales or bao.
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Best answer: It's good for making tortilla bowls for taco salads and, if you like them, egg rolls, crab rangoon, etc. I've taken mine on trips because it's so versatile, e.g., make pasta or rice, sauté stuff, combine and bake.
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