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Breath issues for tonight's date...

Ok, so I just went on my nightly bikeride and ended up spewing chuncks of vomit all over the street and perhaps a couple passing cars. Thing is, I have a date tonight (in 1 hour) and want to be sure this foxy lady doesn't smell puke on my breath. Aside from the expected brush/floss/mouthwash, is there anything else I can do? Please hurry!
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Maybe you should cancel the date, if you vomitted because you're sick. Puking on a date (or just in front of her) might not bode well.

Otherwise, I don't know. Swallow some fresh gum?
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Brush with a round of baking soda as well as the requisite toothpaste?
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Mint tea, if you have the time to buy/make it. I'm assuming you puked because you overexerted yourself, if you puked because you are sick, as gramcracker suggested, cancel the date. He is very correct, puking on a date puts a damper on the night. Especially if you puke -on- your date.
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Eat parsley.
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Drink a lot of water.
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Put this through your urban legend filter, but I've been told that brushing after vomiting is bad because the acids from your stomach that you just vomited up break down the enamel on your teeth. At least that's what I heard.
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Keep some tic tacs in your pocket. When you pull them out, 9 out of 10 times, the other party will want one, too. It's good for everyone. Guys don't have a monopoly on bad breath.
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Brush your tongue too (unless this might make you vomit again).
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Drink a load of water. Swill some around your mouth, vigorously. Spit, repeat. Hit the mouthwash, hard. Gargle with it. Clean your teeth, vigorously. Repeat the mouthwash bit. Then water, again. Stick a cool mint in your gob as you walk out the door. If still in doubt take her or him somewhere with garlicky or spicy food. That way it won't make a difference!
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You should be bringing mints anyway. That said, what you've done should be enough. If in doubt, do it all again. If you're going out for drinks, that'll help, too.
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It's too late now but strong coffee would have been a good idea.
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Go to Walgreens and get a Breath RX tongue scraper. You will not believe the crap that comes off your tongue. It's unholy. And beautiful.
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Oh. Sorry the response was too late. But you should still get one anyway. Then you'll, you know, have it for next time. (?)
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Eat bread. It'll scrape everything down back into your stomache.

Brush - not (just) your teeth, but your tongue (topside & under) and cheeks.

If you're ill from a microorganism, say so upfront. If you're post-drinking extra-heavily... if she doesn't care, you're good. If she cares, <shrug> it's not meant to be beyond what you can get from her tonight/next few nights.
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thanks to all who replied - I went with vigorous brushing/mouthwashing + gum.

Good date, great kisser, no vomit breath reaction on her part ;)

I was mostly worried that the acid from my vomiting (which was exertion-related, not sickness) would have been lingering down in the throat, impervious to the normal routine of bushing/flossing/etc. So it seems PurplePorpoise's comment makes the most sense, altho I didn't have a chance to try. Would be an interesting imperical study, no?
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Well done :)
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