Um actually.. I've been unemployed the past 2 months
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Applied for a job at a large slow-moving company while I was employed, became unemployed before interviews, was referred to another job within the company and didn't mention I was unemployed during application/interview process. Now it's been 2 months since I've been unemployed, but nobody at this company knows and I'm likely to get a job and have a background check. I do, however, have a chance to fill out a correct application, but it will be inconsistent with my previous application/what I said in the interview for the 2nd job I applied to. Is this a huge deal?

I started the application process with a large company while I was employed. I left my job the day before my 1st in-person interview (end of Dec), I was a bit shaken so I didn't mention it. Didn't mention it at the 2nd interview either (early Jan). I ended up not getting that job (they thought I was overqualified), but the team liked me and referred me to an internal recruiter who suggested I apply to another position (late Jan). When I applied to that job online, I used the same resume and didn't disclose that I left my last company. I also didn't mention it in my phone or in-person interview either (mid Feb). In hindsight, I should have mentioned this when applying for the 2nd job since I was interviewing with a different team.

The recruiter let me know the interview went very well, but they changed the title of the job so I have to officially apply online AGAIN today. I won't be interviewed again, so it's likely I'll get this job and they'll do a background check.

When I apply online this time, I will submit a resume/application that says I stopped working for my last company at the end of December. This is likely the application they'll use for the background check, so it's fortunate I have to apply again but it's inconsistent with the last application/interview I had. Should I call this out to the recruiter? Would you handle this any differently?

Yes, yes, I know I should have filled out that I was no longer employed at my last company in the application for the 2nd job and mentioned this in the interviews. Hindsight's 20/20. However, even though I applied for 2 different jobs within the company, I thought since I started the process while I employed, it might be ok not to mention this.
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You're over-thinking this. My mom always told me "never give out excess information", especially if it might work to your detriment in one way or another.

They interviewed you; they apparently liked you and your qualifications, you don't have to tell them that you left your last job. You had your reasons and they didn't ask. Just use the same information you used when you initially interviewed for that company and you can explain the two month break as a vacation -- if they ask; if they don't ask, DO NOT volunteer this info, just keep on trucking. You'll probably get the job and everyone will be happy.

Good luck!
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I guess it would depend why I left the job and whether I felt it would really be a problem for them if they somehow found out. I would either just submit a truthful application when I re-applied, or I might just re-submit all the same stuff again. After all, they have already gotten all the info they needed. Even if you update your resume, they probably won't even notice since they've already reviewed your application and interviewed you.

I would absolutely not go out of my way to flag it for them, either way.
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You have about a 90 day grace period with details on a CV or application. You're not doing anything wrong. Relax.
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I agree, put the current info on the new docs so that you are not saying you are currently employed there when you are not, but don't go out of your way to flag it. I do a fair amount of hiring at my company, and this is not something we would care about, or probably even notice.
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I would definitely provide the correct info on what you upload now.
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