Are top-name artists giving their new albums away on
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Noticed today that Kate Bush's recent live triple CD Before the Dawn is available for download from, plus there's the 2016 LP from Leonard Cohen, You Want It Darker. Are these legal downloads? Did I miss an announcement from the people?
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I would say not. Looks like that user is leaking all sorts of stuff. Also, if you click on the topic "albume", it leads to many more albums shared in this manner. Pretty sure the Rolling Stones didn't offer up their new album on
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To the best of my knowledge this is just someone using as a barely-supervised place to secrete stuff. And this is said as someone who used to work there. Try emailing and they will let you know if there's something special going on.
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Thank you, Jess!

I thought were more on the ball with screening uploads for illicit content but that doesn't seem to be the case.
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To the best of my knowledge they don't scan uploads at all and usually require rights holders to contact them for takedowns unless it's a super obvious copyvio or someone they have a pre-existing relationship with.
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