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I'm looking for suggestions for (good) games for the Wii U that can be played 100% on the gamepad, without turning on the TV.

My kid (10) recently started playing Super Mario 3D world on the Wii U, but quickly found that he doesn't need to turn on the TV to do so - he can just play through the game pad.

This was a life-improving revelation for all of us. Can you suggest some other Wii U games (not necessarily Mario-related, but those are also fine) that he can play using the gamepad only? (I suppose the would encompass original Wii games as well.)

(Games he already has: Splatoon, Pikmen 3, Minecraft, Mario Maker, Treasure Tracker, Lego games for an alt system)
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FYI for easier google searching, this is called Off-TV Play.

Some 10 year olds I know (along with their parents :) love Mario Kart 8.
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Oh look, Wikipedia to the rescue with a complete list. Thank you!!
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My kids love playing Minecraft on their Wii U gamepad.
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I've read that Kirby and the Rainbow Curse works really well on the gamepad. It's actually hard to NOT play exclusively on the pad.

Super Mario 3D World also works just fine on the gamepad. Better than the TV IMO, especially when you're on the harder, extra levels that take more concentration - there are 3 worlds' worth.
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We've enjoyed Child of Light.
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My wife prefers Smash Bros. on the gamepad for the view.
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