Mailing a large suitcase for repair
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I need to mail a reasonably large (eagle creek 28 inch) suitcase for warranty repair. The warranty doesn't cover shipping to the designated repair location (it turns out), though it supposedly covers everything else. So I would like to do this cheaply -- but I just can't quite figure out what a good way might be. Has anyone shipped a large suitcase for repair and can tell me a good solution?

It'd be shipped empty, so not too heavy, but it's larger than most shipping boxes I've encountered. Do I just get a giant box? I see that UPS has a luggage shipping service, though it seems to be aimed at full suitcases, and I can't find a lot of information about it; plus the repair is for a zipper that's completely broken on an outside compartment (the zipper slider body sheared in half in a cargo hold) so it'd need to be wrapped or something. Ideally I'd like a solution that would be cheaper than getting the repair done locally by non-eagle-creek-specialized people (if such a solution exists). I'm in MD and the closest licensed repair shop is in NY.

This (almost new) suitcase has been sitting in my closet in a haze of indecision for like a year now, so any advice is much appreciated.

Oh, I've also looked into repairing this myself, and because of the fairly elaborate design of the zipper (it's supposed to be really tough, and in fairness the zipper didn't actually open when the slider sheared in half), it's way, way beyond whatever skills I might have.
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You don't need a box if you go through the post office. I'd wrap it up in plastic wrap (the kind they sell for wrapping pallets) so it stays closed and then take it to the post office and see how much they wanted to ship it. If it is a soft case, stuff it tightly with paper so it keeps its shape.
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Go to a local luggage store and ask them for a box? That's how I did it.
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Check with shoe repair places. Some have the knowledge and equipment to deal with luggage. I would get a quote from those who are knowledgable and decide whether the hassle/cost of sending my luggage to the legit Eagle Creek center is worth it.
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How cheaply is cheaply? I would guess it's going to cost like $50 to ship it USPS. You can probably get a zipper repair done for less than $50.
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I had a zipper repair done on a travelpro for $30-- so use that to know if you want to ship it
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Agreed, you don't need a box as long as you can wrap it so it can't open. And you're not shipping that far, so you might be surprised by how reasonable USPS is. You can check exactly by entering the dimensions, weight, and destination and origin zip codes at FedEx and UPS also have online quotes.

I would go with the warranty repair even if shipping is slightly more than a local repair. You get more assurance that way; if the zipper can't be repaired, Eagle Creek may give you a new suitcase.
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Plug the weight and dimensions into Shyp and it will give you a rough quote for USPS, FedEx, and UPS. They have very different rates, especially in the large volume, low weight regime.
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As wnissen suggests, the size of this suitcase will affect the shipping rate more than its weight will. Oversize packages ship under 'dimensional weight,' so be sure you've accurately measured the parcel before you begin getting quotes from different shippers.
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