What jacket does a cosmopolitan man in black wear?
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6' lanky dude seeks black jacket. Dress me, Ask me.

So since the inauguration, for a variety of reasons, I have adopted a 'work uniform' - Black shirt with French cuffs, boring but not too ugly black slacks, and utilitarian but not attention grabbingly so black casual shoe - think fancy sneaker. If you're currently picturing a waiter at a particular class of restaurant, you're not far off, but I'm a software developer so I get to not care about making the shades of black match. Only color is whatever cufflinks I'm wearing and maybe a colored undershirt if I'm popping the top button.

I've been wearing a peacoat while it's cold but we're getting into weather where that's not appropriate. What sort of torso-length jacket do I want? Goals: <$300, black, lots of pockets without looking like a Rob Liefield character. I go back and forth about leather - not sure how well it goes with the rest of the look. But a sport coat is clearly right out.
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Best answer: I like this technical jacket in black as fitting my old fashioned cyberpunk aesthetic. I've got the women's version, and t's good across a range of temperatures.

Zara has this good looking field jacket (ignore the hood collar). And this quite plain suede-like jacket (I like suede as an alternative to leather). Zara's fast fashion, but the coupled of things I own are better quality than H&M or TopShop.

So, not entirely sure what you're trying to avoid, but I think these are utilitarian with a little pop of detail. On tall guys, I like a jacket that hits either at high hip or just about an inch down the thigh--but that's just my opinion not some sort of reasoned stance.
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Best answer: Some nicer variant of an M-65 sounds like a good fit, no?
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Response by poster: Marking best answer because that first Zara thing is probably exactly what I want. Feel free to continue to throw at options for me tho.
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A black Mac jacket or trench coat would work as well.
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Have you seen this Scotevest Jacket? I think they make a Blazer too.
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